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Advanced Hydroponics Advanced Silica

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Advanced Silica 100ml

Advanced Silica contains a high-quality, silicon dioxide. solution SiO² (hydrolysed silicon): this is an easily absorbable and important nutrient, which strengthens the cell wall and epidermis of plants! More natural (plant-specific) defences against fungi and protection against infections are therefore achieved.

The high concentration of silicon (orthosilicic acid) in Advanced Silica is easily absorbed by the plant, both via leaves and roots.

Various studies have shown that plants thrive must better in a silicon-rich soil. Silicon also stimulates the absorption of other nutrients, e.g. phosphorus, which gives the plants more energy as well as active, healthy roots with more vigour and therefore a much better yield.


Add Advanced Silica to the nutrient solution from the growth phase and continue doing so until the flowering phase (up to week 5/6). Also applicable via leaf fertilisation. Organic substrates based on peat / peat products and coconut contain almost no natural silicon. Hydro grains also contain lowabsorbable silicon. Advanced Silica is therefore a good addition to any substrate.


Sufficient silicon is available with 0.1 ml Advanced Silica per litre of nutrient solution.

Shake well before use.

Why Advanced Silica

▪ Protection against stress.

▪ Protection against fungi and weather influences.

▪ Strengthens the cell walls.

▪ Improve the absorption of nutrients.

▪ Suitable for any substrate.

▪ Better yield and quality.

Available in: 60ml - 100ml - 250ml - 500ml - 1ltr

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