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Reflectors, Spreaders

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Vega Reflektor

Vega reflector

€ 34.90
Adjust-A-Wings Defender reflector medium

Adjust-A-Wings Defender reflector medium


€ 79.00
Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Reflektor

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger reflector medium


€ 104.90
Adjust-A-Wings Defender reflektor large

Adjust-A-Wings Defender reflector large


€ 119.00
Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Reflektor large

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger reflector large


€ 159.00
Fassung für Adjust A Wings Reflektoren

Lampholder for Adjust-A-Wings reflectors


€ 24.90
Spudnik Reflektor mit Glasplatte 125mm

Spudnik reflector with glass plate, 125mm

Prima Klima

€ 109.00
Spudnik Reflektor mit Glasplatte 150mm

Spudnik reflector with glass plate, 150mm

Prima Klima

€ 169.00
Cool Tube BSG Ø125mm 48cm

Cool Tube BSG 125mm, 50cm

Prima Klima

€ 49.90
Cool Tube BSG Ø125mm 40cm

Cool Tube BSG 125mm, 42,5cm

Prima Klima

€ 39.90
Cool Tube BSG Ø150mm - 59cm lang

Cool Tube BSG 150mm, 62,2cm

Prima Klima

€ 59.90
Prima Klima Azerwing reflektor, medium

Prima Klima Azerwing reflector, medium

Prima Klima

€ 74.90
The product is not available right now, please inquire through our contact information.
Garden HighPro Matrix Reflektor

Garden HighPro Matrix reflector, 125mm

Garden HighPro

€ 149.00
Elektrox CFL Reflektor für Energiesparlampen

Elektrox CFL reflector for energy saving lamp,…


€ 42.90
Adjust Superspreader medium

Adjust-A-Wings superspreader medium


€ 14.90
Adjust Superspreader large

Adjust-A-Wings superspreader large


€ 19.90

Plants need light for photosynthesis - but it is not only important that they get as much light as possible, but also that the growing area is optimally illuminated. Various designs of reflectors are used for this. With their help, the light can be used in a more targeted manner and directed in the desired direction. This promotes both the effectiveness and the efficiency of the lighting. With us you will find a large selection of different reflector types. The hammer impact reflector, which like most reflectors has an E40 socket, provides the Vega model with a special Miro9 coating for maximum reflection and a high light output.

We offer Adjust a Wing reflectors in different sizes that stand like two wings above the lamp. The largest model in our range, the Avenger Large, is suitable for lamps of up to 1000 watts. These reflectors also reduce heat and support even growth phases. Depending on how high the reflector is hung, up to 4 square meters of growth area can be illuminated with the Avenger. The Adjust a Wing reflectors are supplied with a spreader that throws the light evenly at the wings.

The Cooltube reflectors work according to a different principle. They are integrated directly into the ventilation system - so the heat can already be extracted there. Cooltube reflectors are preferably used in small rooms or in grow cabinets where the ceiling height is very low.

The air-cooled Spudnik reflectors, which are still quite new on the market, also work optimally in small rooms. Its square shape distributes light and heat very well, so that the Sputnik reflectors can be installed at a short distance from the plants without creating a heat problem.