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Medicinal water cosmetics

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In this category you will find our new natural skin and face care series based on medicinal water. In the online grow and CBD shop you will find a large selection for all skin types and a wide variety of problems. Natural cosmetics exclusively for you!

Nature is better!

Conventional skin care can harm you. In order to avoid dangers, it is worth switching to cosmetics from the Grow Island Growshop Vienna, which are really good for the skin. It must not contain any synthetic fragrances and dyes, no silicones, no paraffins and no parabens. The goal of natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics is simple: it should not impair or replace the natural processes of the skin, but rather support its own activity and bring it back to its natural balance.

With us you really get organic!

But natural cosmetics do not mean organic cosmetics! In order to receive this award, at least 95% of the plants used must come from organic farming. These can be seen on the INCI declaration if they are marked with an "*". Our Aquatadeus products are not only organic but also vegan! They are subject to the highest quality standards and thus help the skin to regenerate itself optimally. Without any hocus-pocus! With the best from the healing water!

The special thing about medicinal water

Only a large physical-chemical medicinal water analysis in 2006 brought certainty: With its optimal pH value of 3.3, the high sulfate content (3,112 mg / l) and its unique and high concentration of the minerals magnesium, iron, manganese and zinc Aquatadeus medicinal water has a significant antimicrobial effect on bacteria (eg Staphylococcus aureus) and shoot fungi and has been shown to alleviate symptoms of inflammatory and infectious skin diseases. It has an anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory effect and reduces redness and itching. Especially for people with neurodermatitis, psoriasis, acne vulgaris, eczema and skin fungi, the medicinal water ensures that they can finally feel good again in their skin. But normal skin is also helped to increase its moisture content and keep it in balance. In Austria, the water is officially recognized as medicinal water in the "Magnesium-Iron-Sulphate Source" category. Thus, the path of the precious water from the mine tunnel to the establishment of a therapeutic bath in the 17th century culminated in the care series for sensitive skin and neurodermatitis.

You can get your natural skin care here!

In the Grow Island Grow and Headshop you not only get skin care with CBD or hemp-based, but also with other valuable ingredients, such as marigold, aloe vera, chilli, eucalyptus and mint, shea butter.

Convince yourself of our natural cosmetics with healing water from the online grow shop and feel the effectiveness of the ingredients. A new feeling.

From hand cream for brittle, dry and irritated hands to shower balm for a kick of freshness to nourishing organic shampoo, we have everything in store for you! Even skin nourishment from the inside is available in the Grow Island Grow- and Headshop Vienna.

· Helps against irritated, dry, oily and irritated skin

· Of course supports


· Nourishes