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Autoflowering Seeds

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Autoflowering seeds

There are several names for autoflowering cannabis seeds: autoflowering, autoflowering, automatic, "cars" etc. It is important, however, that they are cannabis strains with genetics called ruderalis or ruderal hemp and from areas with extreme climatic conditions such as southern Siberia, northern Kazakhstan or Russia.

The main characteristic of ruderal genetics is that it blooms exceptionally quickly. The bloom does not depend on the photo period, i. H. the changing day / night lighting conditions of the seasons, but develops naturally, regardless of the environment of the plant. Above a certain level of maturity, it simply begins to bloom, unaffected by the external conditions. This usually coincides with the formation of the seventh node after a growth period of 3 to 5 weeks.

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are real survivors. They thrive very easily and quickly, are not a bit demanding and easy to grow. Why? Originating from such an inhospitable area has made it a strong and resilient species that blooms at lightning speed out of sheer fear of death.

Since autoflowering cannabis plants are relatively small (between 30 and 80 cm), they are very suitable for growing in a small space; they can be grown discreetly indoors and outdoors without attracting attention. They also offer a solution for everyone who takes their first steps in growing marijuana after their short life cycle - between 60 and 90 days from germination to harvest - saves them from problems with moisture, fungi, mold, pests and diseases. In indoor grow, however, the plants need their entire life cycle via intense light, i.e. h.20 light and 4 dark hours.

We have a wide range of autoflowering marijuana seeds, all derived from selected, first-class genetics.

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