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pH and EC measurement

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pH and EC - key figures of your nutrient solution
The pH and EC value set the most important data of your nutrient solution. The EC value shows the dissolved salts by checking the electronic conductivity. From the EC value it can be concluded how much fertilizer is contained in a solution and how much grow fertilizer should be added. The pH value, however, is much better known and most people already know it. The pH value indicates how acidic or basic a solution is. The "zero point" of the scale is 7.0 - a solution that has this value is considered neutral. These values ​​have to be considered extremely carefully, especially when mounting on a hydro system or coconut substrate. But even with traditional cultivation on earth, it is necessary to monitor and correct these values. Only when the pH in the soil is correct can your plants optimally process the nutrients in the irrigation water.

PH / EC measuring devices tell you whether the pH and EC of your irrigation water are also healthy for your plants. It is important that you recalibrate your devices regularly with the buffer solutions, as this is the only way to ensure that your values ​​are correct.