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FLE Horti Gear 250 Compact ballast, 250W

Horti Gear

€ 59.00

FLE Horti Gear 400 Compact ballast, 400W

Horti Gear

€ 64.90

FLE Horti Gear 600 Compact ballast, 600W

Horti Gear

€ 74.90
gse vollelektronisches Vorschaltgerät

GSE electronic ballast, 600W


€ 179.00
This product is out of stock.
Lumatek NXE vollelektronisches Vorschaltgerät, 250 W

Lumatek NXE electronic ballast, 250W


€ 135.00
Lumatek NXE vollelektronisches Vorschaltgerät, 400W

Lumatek NXE electronic ballast, 400W


€ 159.90
Lumatek NXE vollelektronisches Vorschaltgerät, 600W

Lumatek NXE electronic ballast, 600W


€ 199.00
Lumatek NXE vollelektronisches Vorschaltgerät, 1000W

Lumatek NXE electronic ballast, 1000W


€ 299.00
Lumatek 400V 600W Ultimate Pro Vorschaltgerät

Lumatek Ultimate Pro electronic ballast, 400V,…


€ 229.00
Gib NXE vollelektronisches Vorschaltgerät 250W

Gib NXE electronic ballast, 250W

GIB Lighting

€ 139.00
This product is out of stock.
Gib NXE vollelektronisches Vorschaltgerät 400W

Gib NXE electronic ballast, 400W

GIB Lighting

€ 179.00
Gib NXE vollelektronisches Vorschaltgerät 1000W

Gib NXE electronic ballast, 1000W

GIB Lighting

€ 329.00
DimLux 400V/600W Extreme Series

DimLux Extreme Series electronic ballast, 400V,…


€ 229.00
This product is out of stock.
Gib LXG TIMER 600W vollelektronisches Vorschaltgerät

Gib LXG Timer 2.0 electronic ballast, 600W

GIB Lighting

€ 209.00
Gib LXG TIMER 600W vollelektronisches Vorschaltgerät

GiB LXG Timer remote control

GIB Lighting

€ 24.90

Anti vibration pads, 4pcs

GIB Lighting

€ 1.50


Electronic ballasts with a superlumen switch are dimmable and enable a noticeably higher output. The switchable devices can be adjusted depending on the environment and ensure improved results in the flowering phase of the irradiated plants.

There are basically two different types of ballasts:
Electronic ballasts
Conventional ballasts

Conventional ballasts

A conventional ballast (KVG) consists of a choke coil and a starter, which in many cases is also integrated in the fluorescent tube itself. Ballasts choke the discharge current when the light is switched on in order to prevent the uncontrolled increase in the electrical voltage from destroying the lamp that has been put into operation or from triggering the fuse. As with energy-saving lamps, a ballast can already be integrated in the lamp or added to the lamp as an additional element. Only in the case of the integrated variant is it possible to connect the lamp directly to the mains.

Electronic ballasts are used to operate and switch gas discharge and fluorescent lamps and, unlike KVGs, do not require a starter. They operate the lamp at a higher frequency than the actual mains frequency and therefore have lower losses than conventional ballasts with less material. The latest generation of electronic ballasts is also switchable and therefore dimmable. Electronic ballasts require a lower amperage and, despite their lower power consumption, produce a higher output, which is reflected in a higher light intensity (lumens). Compared to magnetic ballasts, electronic ballasts also have better light quality.
This manifests itself above all in their flickering freedom. The switchable devices can be adjusted depending on the environment and ensure better results in the flowering phase of the illuminated plants. Another advantage of this type of electronic ballast is that it can be regulated depending on daylight, which means that it can work particularly efficiently and energy can be saved. Their quality and security are also very high.
The devices are usually equipped with an automatic switch-off, e.g. intervenes in the event of a short circuit, a faulty or a missing lamp. In addition, the modern ballasts are electromagnetically shielded and have a reduced noise level.