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Ventilation and Filtertechnik

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Adequate ventilation of the grow box is very important for plant cultivation, since plants need fresh air for healthy development. In case of bad ventilation, mold growth can occur in the grow box, as the humidity increases due to the plants and the watering. To prevent this from happening, pipe fans or pipe fans are used to supply the grow box with fresh air.

Activated carbon filter
Plants but different smells that are stronger or weaker depending on the growth phase. Especially during the flowering phase, the smells can become very strong and therefore unpleasant. So that not all the room smells of your plant, therefore, an activated carbon filter should be used in conjunction with aeration. This filters unpleasant smells from the air and ensures that the smells stay in the grow box.

So that your grow box does not become an obnoxious source of noise, you can get silencers from us for your tubular fans. These silencers ensure that the grow box can also be used in the living area without reducing the quality of life. A silencer can be installed in front of and after the pipe fan for best noise reduction.