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Advanced Hydroponics Advanced PK

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Advanced PK 250ml

Advanced PK is a high-quality fertiliser with a balanced Phosphorus-Potassium ratio and is an excellent addition to thebud shaping, length of flowering and fruit development phases.

In addition to the fundamental basic-nutritional minerals for healthy growth, Phosphorus and Potassium play an important role during the flowering phase and fruit development of the plant.

Phosphorus gives the plants more energy (sugars) for the development of an active and healthy root system and Potassium improves water transport, whereby all flower buds can fully grow out. The combination of Phosphate and Potash in Advanced PK is rightly called a “top bloomer” and is therefore an essential link in every flowering and harvesting phase.


Advanced PK is recommended as a supplement in the Dutch Formula recipe, from the first flower development until one week before harvesting.


First add 1 ml Advanced PK to one litre standard nutrient solution. Then top up the basic diet until the desired EC value is reached. Use this enriched food combination with every watering session during the flowering phase.

Shake well before use.

Why Advanced PK

▪ Optimum ratio of phosphorus and potassium.

▪ Works pH neutral.

▪ Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

▪ Stimulates length of flowering and fruiting forming.

▪ Easily soluble and directly available to the plant.

Available in: 250ml - 500ml - 1ltr - 5ltr

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