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DynaVap VapCap M 2021

DynaVap VapCap M 2021

Weight: 1.000 kg


  • Battery-free, with integrated click temperature indicator
  • Captive cap
  • Two “Adjust-a-Bowl” positions for easy microdosing
  • Medical stainless steel body
  • Next generation chiral air inlets
  • 10 mm conical mouthpiece
  • Compatible with concentrates (attachment required)
  • Customize your experience with a wide range of accessories
  • Length: 92 mm


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DynaVap VapCap M 2021

DynaVap designs, builds and manufactures its vaporizers in-house using the highest quality materials. The butane-powered vaporizers from the USA are handy and easy to use. Medical stainless steel or titanium are used to produce the best battery-free vaporizers. The revolutionary cap with bimetal shows you the correct vaporization temperature with a click.

A butane burner is used as the heat source, which is why DynaVap devices do not require batteries or other electronics to heat the chamber. DynaVap's VapCaps are suitable for herbs, extracts and concentrates and generate excellent vapor.

DynaVap cap - revolutionary temperature display
The DynaVap cap with bimetal, which expands when heated, signals with one click that the vaporizer has reached the correct temperature and is ready for vaping. The second click of the cap, which fits on all DynaVap VapCaps, indicates that you can reheat.

DynaVap vaporizers have different caps for different temperatures to choose from, they differ in their heat-up aggressiveness. If you don't know your preferences yet, you can try the standard cap. In contrast to the standard cap, the Low Temp Captive Cap ensures a better taste. The captive cap enables a more even distribution of the air flow, the low temp captive cap clicks at 180-190 degrees Celsius.

Every now and then it can happen that the cap of the atomizer is loose, which you can easily adjust yourself with a small adjustment. If the cap is too loose, you can squeeze it between two fingers without touching the inner walls. Then the cap should not fall off when you shake the VapCap.

This is how you make the DynaVaps ready for use
Operating the handy DynaVaps made of stainless steel or titanium is very easy. To fill the VapCap, you remove the metal cap. Then you can heat the vaporizer optimally with a jet flame lighter if you turn the VapCap evenly.

To avoid direct heating of the cap and a premature click, you should not hold the flame directly on the cap. After the VapCap has heated up, you can inhale the tasty vapor through the mouthpiece.

Tip: To familiarize yourself with the operation of the DynaVap, you can simply heat the vaporizer several times without herbs.

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