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Arizer Extreme Q

Arizer Extreme Q

Manufacturer: Arizer

Weight: 3.000 kg

  • Extreme Q = new fan, 77% quieter than the old version of the Extreme Q vaporizer
  • Smaller dimensions (only 16cm high)
  • Ultra clear LCD display
  • Better menu navigation
  • Better temperature control through 3 sensors
  • New since 2012 temperature setting accurate to the degree
  • Revised electronics, integrated circuit
  • Even faster heating element
  • Energy-saving operation approx. 50%
  • New timer 0.5 - 4.0 hours (half-hourly setting possible)
  • Many other improvements in the focus of quality and safety.
  • New since 2015 Mini Whip Set made of glass
  • New since 2015 silicone hose
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Arizer Extreme Q

The manufacturer is not resting on its laurels, but is constantly skilfully implementing new developments in vaporizing technology. The new Extreme Q vaporizer has succeeded in doing that again.

With the old model, the balloon mode sometimes interfered with its blower operation, which was particularly noticeable in a quiet atmosphere. The new model is very quiet, we even claim it is the quietest vaporizer we know. The "Q" consumes just under half of the electricity than its predecessor and that with better heating performance! With the timer function, the vaporizer switches off automatically after 0.5-4 hours (adjustable).

Temperature range from 50-260 ° C, in this range almost all plant substances and oils can be evaporated. A quick heating performance is guaranteed.

Balloon mode:
Fill a balloon with the vapors and aromas of your favorite herbs and inhale independently of the device.

Shisha mode:
Use the direct inhalation mode (Shisha mode) with the 360 ​​° swiveling hose set.

Aroma Therapy:
Oil, herbs or perfumes can be evaporated into the room air. The potpourr head is intended for aroma therapy, for this you set the vaporizer to approx. 100 ° C, fill in herbs, blower on level one, timer for one hour and the whole room smells wonderfully of herbs or flowers of all kinds.

A blower with a brushless motor (brushless motor) ensures three different pressure levels, which blow the hot air into the herb head as required.

The Cyclone Bowl is also an invention of Arizer, this herb bowl made of glass has a standard 18 cut on both sides and is placed vertically on the vaporizer with the black end facing up. Glass is the best material for vaporizing herbs, it is absolutely tasteless when heated, it can be cleaned easily and hygienically and it offers a good visual inspection to check the condition of the herbs at any time.

The ceramic heating element is encased in a glass holder that also has an 18.8 fine cut at the upper end, this combination stands vertically in the center of the vaporizer and ensures a stable temperature as well as a very fast heating performance. The Extreme Q vaporizer is operated with a low voltage of only 19 volts, which means that the device can also be operated outside the house with an external battery or with a car adapter on the cigarette lighter of a mobile home, car, boat and much more. An undervoltage protection protects against deep discharge of the rechargeable batteries or the vehicle battery. If the Extreme Q receives too little power, it will emit a continuous beeping sound. After a while it switches to standby mode.

The icing on the cake is the remote control! With it, all functions can be conveniently operated and set. Furthermore, Arizer has thought of sustainability, which means that all parts can be bought cheaply. The balloon system is simple as well as ingenious. You can use any food-safe bag here. The scope of delivery is very extensive. When it comes to packaging, the environment and optical discretion were respected.

This device is our absolute purchase recommendation for medicinal herbs. Versatile like no other table vaporizer, it does its job as an endurance runner in many areas and applications. Anyone who has ever treated a cold with a vaporizer will appreciate this very much. The book "Phyto-Inhalation" explains the health aspects.

We offer a suitable water filter as an optional accessory.

A 3-year guarantee gives an additional indication of quality.

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