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Aquaking pressure spray bottle, 8l

Aquaking pressure spray bottle, 8l

Manufacturer: Aquaking

Weight: 5.00 kg

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Aquaking 8l Pressure Spray Bottle


The simple way to water and spray your plants! 



This Aquaking pressure spray bottle by Bimex an take in 8 liters of any liquid. This item is one of our favourites! It is just so easy to water your plants by using the Auqaking pressure spray bottle because of its long shaft. That's why you can even reach corners and water plants which are difficult to get to. This pressure bottle has a belt to wear it like a bag. Is run by pressure built up by pumping. 


Speacial features:

  • By removing the dispenser on top of the shaft, this sprayer bottle becomes a modern watering can. 
  • Thanks to the long shaft you can also reach plants in a big growing tent from a distance. 
  • Allows to dip water precisely. 
  • Water doesn't just drain anymore due to the directed watering. 
  • By using the stick or shaft even dried out parts of the substrate can be re-humidified precisely. Usually this is a tricky task. 
  • Best quality and durability. 


Shipping weight: 4kg

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