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Aquaking air pump, 10W, 600l/h

Aquaking air pump, 10W, 600l/h

Manufacturer: Aquaking

Weight: 3.00 kg

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Air Pump Aquaking



Air pumps are used to oxygenate the nutrient and water solution in your tank. Moreover air pumps keep the nutrient solution moving permanently. Thanks to this property the solution stays fresh and heavier particles can't accumulate on the bottom of the tank. The air pump must be placed outside the water! In this position the air pump takes in fresh air which is then transported trough air pipes and pushed into the ventilation brick, which is placed inside the water and the tank. The brick distributes the air evenly by billions of bubbles streaming out. 


This air pump by Aquaking is available as: 

Air pump Aquaking 10W:

  • Capacity: 600l/h
  • Measurements: 187x107x114mm
  • 4 exits
  • Shipping weight: 2kg


Air pump Aquaking 20W:

  • Capacity: 1200l/h
  • Measurements: 224x139x144mm
  • 6 exits
  • Shipping weight: 2,5kg


Air pump Aquaking 30W:

  • Capacity: 1800l/h
  • Measurements: 275x167x176mm
  • 6 exits
  • Shipping weight: 3kg 


Air pump Aquaking 40W:

  • Capacity: 2400l/h
  • Measurements: 175x167x176mm
  • 6 exits
  • Shipping weight: 3kg


Thanks to the air pump's case, which is sound-insulated, it is really silent. 

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