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Anesia Seeds / FEM / Cash Cow

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Cash Cow - The New THC Powerhouse by Anesia Seeds

The Cash Cow is the latest monster developed for enthusiasts of our outstanding strain, Big Bazooka. It will captivate you instantly, and you will never forget it. The Cash Cow is the perfect choice for those seeking a truly potent force behind the high.

For nearly a decade, Big Bazooka has gained worldwide popularity. We aimed to elevate these unique genetics to a new level, so we crossed them with a very rare Lost Tribe and stabilized the newly created genetics. This breeding project has exceeded all our expectations and is sure to impress you as well.

Upon consumption, you will almost immediately feel a cerebral sensation that elevates your mind into a euphoric state of happiness, occasionally with a slight sedative effect. While your mind soars higher, your body will transition into a super calming state, filling you with deep physical relaxation and lightness, which can quickly overwhelm you if you're not careful. Experienced consumers will take great pleasure in it, and beginners should handle it with care.

The Cash Cow has a sweet and lemony aroma and flavor with hints of anise and earthy undertones. The fat, rock-hard buds are heavy and round like golf balls, covered in sticky resin that glistens in the light.

The Cash Cow originates from our powerhouse strain, Big Bazooka, delivering impressive results in just 9 weeks. The feminized seeds produce bushy, medium-sized plants with large side branches that thrive excellently in both soil and hydroponics. The strain exhibits excellent resistance to mold and pests, is easy to maintain, and suitable for beginners, making it perfect for SCROG cultivation.

The Cash Cow is also a valuable medicinal remedy for treating chronic stress, depression, chronic pain, cramps or muscle tension, as well as alleviating appetite loss or nausea. The combination of physical effects and high THC content allows it to help those suffering from such conditions.

Choose Cash Cow®, where Anesia Seeds latest and most refined product meets the highest THC content and rich terpene profiles! Explore the unique world of Cash Cow® and enjoy the exclusive offering from Grow Island, where we only provide the highest quality products for cannabis enthusiasts!

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