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Ordering hemp clones online

Ordering hemp clones online

You can easily order cannabis clones, or also called marijuana or hemp clones, online in the Grow Island online grow shop. Our cannabis clones from Vienna are well known for their quality throughout the whole country. For our costumers we have marijuana clones ranging from at least 15cm to huge plants, depending on what you wish for. Our delivery service for hemp clones is quick and discreet. They are safely packed in special boxes made from plastic to keep cannabis clones moist und secured in their place.

Ordering hemp clones online


Please note:

Hemp clones are delivered using special boxes only. These green packs made from plastic assure the clones being kept moist and safe, so they will stay in their place in order to avoid damage. That’s why cannabis clones can only be purchased in sets of 6 pieces each and all of them from the same strain. Each clone costs € 6,50 incl. taxes and fees for packaging when ordered online. So, when you order clones, you’ll get 6 clones of the variety of your choice for € 39,00. Of course you can order 12, 18, 24, 30 or more pieces when purchasing hemp clones online. 


When buying hemp clones in our store in Scholzgasse 6, 1020 Vienna/Wien, we have graduated prices: 

1-10 pcs. € 6,50/pc.

11-30 pcs. € 6,00/pc. 

31-50 pcs.  € 5,50/pc. 

51-100 pcs.   € 5,00/pc.

100+ pcs. € 4,50/pc.


Just contact us using info@growisland.at and tell us all your wishes, in case you want to pick up the hemp clones from our shop!