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Fast Buds / FEM / Purple Lemonade Fast Flowering

Fast Buds / AUTO / Purple Lemonade Fast Flowering
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Resulting from a cross between Purple and Citrus Cali genetics, Purple Lemonade FF (Fastflowering) offers a complex high of perfectly balanced cerebral and physical effects, ideal for daytime use. Expect an extremely pleasant high that will lift your spirits while deeply relaxing your whole body and relieving muscle pain. The beautiful purple buds are ready to harvest in 7-8 weeks and come hand-in-hand with incredibly sugary citrus fruits that are just as refreshing as a cold lemonade on a hot summer day. She is the ideal strain for those with a sweet tooth who are looking for strains that deliver both quality and quantity of resin.

Plant Appearance This feminized photoperiod strain develops a thick and strong structure, producing a medium-sized main bud with several shorter side branches typical of hybrid strains. Purple Lemonade FF develops fairly short internodal distances with beautiful purple buds that grow stacked on top of each other, making her the perfect choice for growers of all levels who want lots and lots of premium purple weed.

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