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Greenception GC 4

Greenception GC 4

Manufacturer: Greenception

Weight: 5.00 kg

Technical Data


The all-round alternative for 250 watt sodium vapour lamps with significantly higher safety and less power consumption.The Greenception LED GC-4 is a compact LED module for grow boxes up to 80 x 80 cm. Perfect for indoor spaces and due to their dimensions ideal for self-sufficiency and hobby cooks.

All details at a glance

Weight approx. 4 kg
Dimensions: approx 285 x 285 x 70 mm
Maximum power consumption: 128 W (including fan)
Power consumption Full spectrum: 64 W
Power consumption Growth spectrum: 32 W
Power consumption Flowering spectrum: 32 W
Photon flux density (15 cm): up to 2100 μmol/m²*s
Photon flux density (30 cm): up to 1500 μmol/m²*s
Beam angle: COB: 90°, LED: 90°



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€ 299.00

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Greenception GC 4


The amount of energy and light spectrum in this grow light can be individually adjusted to the respective growth phases. Three light recipes can be activated via toggle switch:

Growth light recipe with additional blue and white SMD chips from CREE.
Flowering light recipe with additional red SMD chips from Osram.
Full spectrum light recipe with 4 smaller COB chips.

At the heart of each cluster is the highly efficient full spectrum COB chip. A light is emitted by it that the human eye perceives as white. In this way you can observe the plant without additional lighting and detect diseases or pests earlier. Another advantage of the grow light: Only the fans that are needed run – that saves energy.

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