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T. H. Seeds / FEM / BubbleBananaGum

T. H. Seeds / FEM / BubbleBananaGum
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T. H. Seeds BubbleBananaGum 5+2 +1 French Macaron

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Be careful what you do with BubbleBananaGum by T.H.Seeds. This is one of the stickiest buds out there, it will glue you to the ground and explode like a bubble! For this new strain, the breeder crossed the Original Bubblegum, known for its sweet taste and great resin production, with a perfect banana pudding F2 male. Chosen for its structure, resilience, hard knots and smell. The result was exactly what T.H. Seeds were looking for. From structure to bud density, smell and resin, we ticked all the boxes. T.H.Seeds BubbleBananaGum is medium sized with hard side branches, even the lower branches are hard to break. Lots of internodes and inner branches with a good leaf-to-flower ratio. All testers were the same size and all buds were dense but not overly dense. The leaf ratio is good for a plant that finishes between 54 and 58 days. BubbleBananaGum is easy to grow and topping can be a good idea to get multiple shoots and rid the underside of small shoots. If you let them grow without manipulation, you will get a large tree with a great natural structure. The buds can be coloured, but are mostly bright green. It is easy to cut and dry compared to other varieties and because of its sweet taste and above average . She can be a bit sensitive to an intense feeding program, so just give her the normal program without excess. She doesn't need it anyway, with a light to normal nutrient regimen you'll get great results. BubbleBananaGum by T.H.Seeds tastes like a cross between banana and sweet bubblegum.

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