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Super Sativa Seeds Club / AUTO / Fat Petes Cookies

Super Sativa Seeds Club / AUTO / Fat Petes Cookies

Amount: 3 Seeds
Manufacturer: Super Sativa Seed Club

Weight: 0.100 kg

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Super Sativa Seeds Club  Fat Petes Cookies Auto



Tips from the Super Sativa Seed Club Master Breeder.

Autoflower strains hate cold temperatures, which slow down the growth cycle. Inside temperatures of 20 °C to 25 °C are ideal. Be very careful when watering/fertilizing your plants for the first few weeks. Excess nutrients/water can permanently slow down a young autoflower and ruin all growth. Treat autoflower strains with a little love and passion and they will love you in return! We advise all growers to use organic nutrients to get the cleanest, best tasting weed.
About Fat Pete's Cookies Auto Cannabis Seeds
Why should I buy Fat Pete's Cookies Auto feminized seeds?
• If you're a fan of autoflowers, then this strong and potent US autoflower hybrid based on world-famous Cookie genetics should definitely be in your cookie jar!

• Fat Pete's Cookies Auto is an easy strain to grow that can produce a particularly large yield. Very suitable for beginners and experts

• This is a strain with massive buds covered in a thick layer of trichomes. The frosty nugs have an extremely pungent and aromatic aroma with hints of tropical fruit, cream and pine

• Fat Pete's Cookies Auto is suitable for any type of growing medium or situation. The effect is both mental and physical and is known for producing a powerful high with long-lasting effects


Fat Pete's Cookies Auto has a sweet and fruity aroma. Her sticky buds taste like a mix of sweet and sour with hints of spice
Fat Pete's Cookies Auto has a sweet and fruity aroma with spicy and piney tones. Its aroma is quite pungent. The buds are covered in sticky resin and smell absolutely wonderful. Most plants smell sweet and fruity, and sometimes have a doughy undertone. Others have a fruitier character with hints of tropical fruit that are sweet and sour at the same time. This makes the terpene profile very special and very tasty. The flavor of this strain is quite complex, and you can have the sweeter and fruitier tones on the inhale and the more spicy and sour tones on the exhale. It is truly a unique hybrid autoflower strain that will captivate your senses!


Fat Pete's Cookies Auto has long and thick buds and a large yield
Fat Pete's Cookies Auto is quite a tall autoflower. She is known for producing a solid yield. Her long and thick buds stack well and eventually become quite massive. Buds of 30-40cm are no exception. Some plants may exhibit foxtails. There are also some phenotypes that are denser and more compact. These plants, which are generally smaller, will still give you a good yield due to their density.


What kind of genetics are in Fat Pete's Cookies Auto?
In the 1980s, Dutch cannabis breeders wanted to improve European quality levels by infusing new US cannabis genetics. Some up and coming US strains had a reputation for having particularly high quality and unusual genetics, so Karel sent his fat friend Pete to NYC. After harassing High Times for far too long, fat Pete got his hands on seed named Williams Wonder. This strain, along with others like Mexican Rudy, was used to create the very first autoflowering strain called Low Ryder. So you could say that the Super Sativa autoflower genebank is built on the same foundations of success as the original Low Ryder.

To create Fat Pete's Cookies, SSSC crossed a very fruity and potent autoflower with Auto Cookies. The result was crossed with Auto Creeper. The best plants were selected and backcrossed to stabilize this strain. The result is a very productive and potent autoflowering strain.

Fat Pete's Cookies Auto produces large plants. Buds grow long and frosty with good bag appeal and a sour, fruity aroma.
Fat Pete's Cookies is an autoflowering hybrid strain. And she is not difficult to grow, on the contrary she is quite forgiving and easy to grow. It doesn't matter what type of grow system you grow in or what medium you use. She actually thrives in a SOG setup in medium sized pots (around 10-15L), but you can also grow her as a single plant in a large container. Everything will work.

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