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Super Sativa Seeds Club / AUTO / Bruce Lemon Diesel

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Super Sativa Seeds Club Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel




Tips from the Super Sativa Seed Club Master Breeder.

About Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel Cannabis Seeds

Why should I buy Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel feminized seeds?
• Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel produces large and chunky buds, known for producing solid yields. The buds have amazing bag appeal
• This is a strong and easy to grow autoflowering strain. She is a true hybrid that grows compact to medium sized with relatively short internodes and massive buds
• Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel has a strong and pungent fruity Diesel dominant aroma and flavor. She has sweet and sour tones of orange, tangerine, and lime, making her a very complex terpene profile
• It's the combination of potency and yield that makes this strain an interesting strain for commercial growers. The short seed-to-harvest time of around 11 weeks also comes in handy. Expect a powerful high that can hit quite hard, its hybrid effect is long lasting and very enjoyable!


Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel has a strong diesel-like aroma with hints of jet fuel and oranges, the taste is quite sour and fruity with tones of citrus, tangerine and grapefruit
Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel is a powerful autoflowering hybrid. This lady is one of our most potent autoflower strains to date, boasting a delicious blend of powerful, diesel-scented buds complemented by a sweet, fresh citrus flavor. This strain will surprise you with her incredibly pungent aroma that smells of diesel, kerosene, and burnt rubber. Although the aroma is mainly diesel, with chemical and sour tones, fruitier phenotypes are also found. These plants also have an excellent aroma with hints of citrus, lime and grapefruit. The flavor of this strain is also quite fruity and acidic, with a citrus and tangerine flavor on the inhale and a spicier, piney, chemical flavor on the exhale. Some phenotypes can smell sweet and sour at the same time, like grapefruit candy. It's hard not to like this! It really is a complex flavor profile suitable for connoisseurs!


Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel is a potent autoflowering strain with a good yield, ideal for commercial growers
Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel is a very potent and high yielding autoflower. She is not difficult to grow, making her suitable for both beginners and experts. Because of these fine traits, this autoflowering cannabis strain has become the go-to choice for commercial growers. Ready in a relatively short time frame, the buds are completely covered in sticky resin bursting with THC-rich trichomes. These flowers are also great for making your own cannabis concentrates.


What kind of genetics are in Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel?
The best autoflowering strains are produced by combining the best traits of elite parent genetics. Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel combines legendary US THC monster Bruce Banner with the ever-popular Lemon OG. This consistently potent autoflowering strain combines the same extremely high THC levels and yields as the photoperiod version.


Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel is a hybrid autoflower strain with thick buds and a thick layer of trichomes, these buds have high THC levels
Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel is an autoflowering strain that develops dense and potent buds in generous quantities, making her a great strain for commercial growers! She is an autoflowering version of photoperiod Bruce Lemon Diesel and based on legendary New Your City Diesel genetics. This classic US weed strain is known for its heat and quality buds that are suitable for any weed lover.
This autoflower is a hybrid strain that seems to lean primarily towards an indica, but comes close to being a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid. She is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors and is known for her thick buds and bountiful yields. The plant usually gets a large and tall main cola surrounded by many decently sized side colas. Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel has a good calyx to leaf ratio,

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