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SANlight Q6W Gen2 LED 245W

SANlight Q6W Gen2 LED 245W

Manufacturer: sanLight

Weight: 6.00 kg

Power consumption: 245 W.
Power factor ﹥ 0.95
Input voltage range: 90 - 305
maximum input current: 1.15
PPF *: 624
Weight: 6.15 kg
Emission wave range: 400 - 780
Protection class: IP40

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€ 679.00

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SanLight Q6W Gen2 Led lamps 245W

The second generation of the popular Sanlight Q series has it all: The light module has the latest 2mm² Osram LED chip technology, which makes it possible to generate a broadband optimal light spectrum with an efficiency of 2.7µmol / J. This product line is characterized by best efficiency, unbeatable flexibility and durability. Hobby gardeners and professionals will get their money's worth at Gen2. The ECO models stand for maximum energy savings and cost efficiency, while the EXPERT models guarantee maximum yields.

Special features:

Perfect light control with protective function
With the Q series, SANlight relies on sophisticated secondary optics that capture more than 95% of all photons that the LED chip emits and direct them to your plants. As a result, the light losses through e.g. Reflection on the tent walls is reduced to a minimum and the leds are protected from dirt. The material can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Passive cooling
Here again SANlight relies on the massive passive cooling aluminum heat sink. Passive cooling maximizes energy efficiency and lifespan and at the same time minimizes susceptibility to errors, risk and noise levels.

Best efficiency
With the latest 2mm² LED chip technology from Osram, an efficiency of 2.7 µmol / s is achieved with a white broadband spectrum. In addition, the chips are even less sensitive to environmental influences, which enables realistic useful lives of more than 100,000 hours.

Daisychaining option
In order to be able to deliver the best quality for the plug connections, SANlight relies on robust premium connections that withstand even the most adverse conditions. The new Wieland H distributor enables several lights to be operated from just one household socket.

The models of the Q-Series Gen2 can be retrofitted with different dimmer systems if required. The separately available dimmer is plug and play attached to the unoccupied slot of the luminaire and can be dimmed using a magnetic switch or a sunrise simulation can be programmed (M-Dimm). For more complex systems, a Bluetooth dimmer is available, which enables up to 100 lights to be dimmed simultaneously or independently of one another.

In order to be able to react even more flexibly to changes in the mounting situation, a kind of chip tuning can be used. You bring your model of the Q-series to a certified SANlight dealer, who after a short consultation has the possibility to increase the performance of your lamp by 10%.

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