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Sanlight Q1W, S2.1, Gen2

Sanlight Q1W, S2.1, Gen2

Manufacturer: sanLight

Weight: 3.000 kg

Technical data at a glance
• 120 µmol / s BPF
• Broadband, continuous light spectrum
• Power consumption 50W
• Beam angle 90 °
• Module efficiency> 2.7 µmol / J
• 3 year guarantee
• 90% light output after 100,000 hours of operation
• Compact design
• Passive, silent cooling
• Protection class IP40

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Maximum flexibility, even in the smallest of spaces

The SANlight Q1W Led module was developed for use in the home and hobby area. It offers maximum flexibility, especially for smaller cultivation areas. The combination of high-quality light sources and matching supply electronics guarantee a high light output with a long service life and high energy efficiency. The passive cooling increases the reliability and there are no operating noises.

A universally applicable light spectrum enables both the cultivation of young plants and seedlings as well as the successful cultivation of flowering and fruit-bearing plants.

The Q1W serves as lighting for smaller cultivation areas, as a “spotlight” for single plant applications and as an extension for existing lighting. Depending on the stage of growth and the type of plant or area, the light intensity can be adjusted using the number of individual modules. So you can always create the optimal lighting solution for your individual cultivation needs.

Typical applications
Cultivation of ornamental and useful plants including fruit production
energy-saving and compact additional lighting for optimized growth, flower production and yield maximization
Winter exposure
Assimilation exposure in weakened plants (without heat stress)
for rooting cuttings and young plants
ideal as a “spotlight” for single plant applications, as well as lighting for smaller areas

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