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Sanlight EVO 5-100

Sanlight EVO 5-100

Manufacturer: sanLight

Weight: 8.000 kg

  • Developed for high rooms and open spaces
  • Not suitable for tent applications
  • Optimal depth: 100cm
  • With 870 µmol / s and 320W suitable for high intensities despite a large distance
  • CO₂ supplementation is strongly recommended
  • Secondary optics & adjustable angle of inclination allow optimal illumination
  • Due to the wide variety of installation options, the various cables and other accessories are available separately and are not included in the scope of delivery.
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Sanlight EVO 5-100

The EVO 5-100 is designed for a wide range of machines and is designed for professional planting and is not suitable for the Heimanwender concept. A solution of 870 /mol / s at 320W is used to measure the light source and the power level of the light source and the flow rate of the light source. It is therefore possible to obtain a solution with a theoretical value of 870 .mu.mol / s.

Naturlich bieten wir mit der EVO-serie eindschrittliche Effizienz is more than 3µmol / J of Modulene. However, the mixture is further treated with a mixture of flakes and plants. In an empirically empirical version with Cannabis and the same plant, the spectrum is optimized. In order to achieve this, a high-speed licensing spectrum can be used for the purpose of measuring the pH of the Far Red to red blood cells, which can be used for photo-morphogenesis, and which have the qualitative and quantitative positive effects.

In the case of the EVO series, the secondary optics are also optimized for geometric abundance. This measure is based on the homogeneity of the licensing procedure (PPFD). The asymmetric abstraction of the secondary optics is minimized due to the transport of the photons to the fluxes and the flow of the fluxes to the fluxes, the fluxes of the fluxes and the fluxes of the flux. Black and other chemical substances are not included in the LED circuit. The oxidation of the LED-Chip Reflector is evaluated. The optics are also affected by the problem. For the purposes of this Regulation, the production of a single product is guaranteed.

Ready-to-dim ...
The model from the EVO series is "ready-to-dim". In this case, the solution is compatible with a typical heating system based on the exhaust technology.
Alternatively, the light with a magnetic dimmer or a Bluetooth dimmer can be used.
In the case of a reheatentiometer, the operation of the solution, the air supply and the water can be carried out in one of these ways.

Leistungsaufnahme 250
PPF * 696
Article 5.1
Length (mm) 1018
Breeze (mm) 291
Höhe (mm) 116
Schutzklasse IP65
* im Emissionswellenlängen-Bereich from 400 to 780 nm

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