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Sanlight EVO 3-100

Sanlight EVO 3-100

Manufacturer: sanLight

Weight: 7.000 kg

  • Developed for areas with a depth of 1m, or with 2 pieces EVO3-100 for the 1x1m grow box
  • Best light intensity and homogeneity when using 2 EVO3-100 per square meter
  • Economical 190W power consumption
  • Tilting enables you to further optimize the homogeneity
  • The secondary optics offer the best protection and are easy to clean
  • The optionally available dimmer enables the light intensity to be set for different growth phases
  • Due to the wide variety of installation options, the various cables and other accessories are available separately and are not included in the scope of delivery
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Sanlight EVO 3-100

The 3-100 of the SANlight EVO series brings with 520 µmol / s the best light intensity and homogeneity when using 2 pieces EVO3-100 per square meter, at only 380W. We recommend using the available dimmer, as the light intensity is already very high for such a small area. Inexperienced gardeners in particular could run into problems with an undimmed light.

Of course, with the EVO series we offer an advanced efficiency of more than 3 µmol / J at module level. However, much more attention was paid to the yield per area and time during development. The spectrum has been optimized as best as possible in countless empirical experiments with cannabis and other plants. The resulting broadband light spectrum extends beyond the conventional PAR range and offers a Far Red to Red ratio, which has a positive effect on photo morphogenesis and thus also the quality and quantity of the harvest.

During the development of the EVO series, the protective and light-directing secondary optics were optimized to the geometric dimensions of the luminaire. This results in an incredibly homogeneous illumination with the best light intensity (PPFD). The asymmetrically radiating secondary optics also minimize the losses during the transport of photons to the plants and at the same time protect the LEDs from environmental influences to which the luminaire is exposed during plant cultivation. Sulfur and other chemical substances cannot penetrate the LED. This prevents the LED chip reflector from oxidizing. The optics can be cleaned easily. The protection and the possibility of cleaning guarantee you a constant light output for many years.

Ready-to-dim ...
Every model in the EVO series is “ready-to-dim”. This means that the luminaire is compatible with the typical control systems used in greenhouse technology.
Alternatively, you can retrofit the luminaire with a magnetic dimmer or Bluetooth dimmer.
Compared to rotary potentiometers, our solutions work wear-free, humidity and water cannot harm them.

Power consumption 190
PPF * 520
Weight 4.1
Length (mm) 818
Width (mm) 291
Height (mm) 116
Protection class IP65

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