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Prima Klima air filter, 315mm, 2800m³/h

Prima Klima air filter, 315mm, 2800m³/h

Diameter: 315mm
Manufacturer: Prima Klima

Weight: 45.00 kg

Technical data: 315mm / 1250mm, opt. 2800m³ / h, max. 4700m³ / h

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€ 779.00

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Prima Klima Air Filter


Model: Industry Line

The activated carbon filters from Prima Klima impress with their performance, durability and quality. This is also reflected in its popularity among gardeners who call the Prima Klima the best AKF. Thanks to the sophisticated technology and the use of the best activated carbon, Prima Klima manages to do the best with this AKF. The special activated carbon, which is characterized by increased carbon density, produces less coal dust than comparable models. The Industry Line AKFs has a pre-filter with premium quality and built-in hanging hooks for easy and quick attachment. The Prima Klima AKFs in the Industry Line all survive with a full 2 year lifespan. With this AKF, odor problems are a thing of the past.


Charcoal activated filters by Prima Klima are high-standard filters. Long lasting, absolutely satisfying reduction of smells and high quality. Some growers call the Prima Klima filters the best on the market.  

Tech. data: 315mm/1250mm, opt. 2800m³/h, max. 4700m³/h

Shipping weight: 


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