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Original Amnesia hemp plant - 5pcs

Original Amnesia Hanfsteckling
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€ 36.50

Brand Hy-Pro Seeds
Genetics 20% Indica / 80% Sativa
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time 9-12 weeks
Height (Indoor) 90-100 cm
Height (Outdoor) 150 cm
Available as Hemp seedling (only at Grow Island)
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Hemp plant Original Amnesia Hy-Pro 

Original Amnesia is a sativa hemp cuttings and can be grown indoors

The Amnesia hemp seeds from Hy-Pro are the original Amnesia seeds. Amnesia is one of the strongest (Haze) Sativa strains. Thanks to Amnesia's powerful action and incredible highs, she has won the Cannabis Cup several times and is considered one of the best (sativa) strains in the world.


Amnesia is a medium sized / good producer and needs a long flowering period of 12 weeks. However, the quality of the smoke and its incredibly strong high make up for it. Amnesia can become a tall plant. Indoors, you may need to control your height. Depending on the length of the growing season, Amnesia can become a 3 meter tall cannabis plant outdoors.


Treat, breed and smoke Amnesia with respect and this hemp cuttings will reward you with an amazing high that you have never experienced before ...
Basic information:
Seed Bank: Hypro Seeds
Flowering time: 84 days
Yield Indoor: 450 g / m2


Original Amnesia is a sativa cannabis strain renowned as “The Queen” of the coffeeshops in Holland. Created by crossing two Original Amnesia phenotypes, this strain produces strong cerebral effects and flowers in record time.

The effects of this strain are typical of a dominant sativa variety. With up to 18% THC, a few tokes of this strain will produce almost instant euphoria combined with fast-acting cerebral stimulation. For many, this is the perfect “wake and bake” strain, leaving them motivated, focused, productive, and ready to take on a wide variety of tasks. Many users also enjoy this strain in social situations as opposed to other hybrids and indicas that might leave them feeling lethargic and sedated.

Medical patients tend to turn to Original Amnesia for fast-acting relief from stress, depression, or a low mood. Some patients also enjoy this strain for its pain relieving qualities without the “knock-out” effects of an indica, making it great for daytime use.

The aromatic and flavour profiles of this strain are reminiscent of other sativa varieties. Take a whiff from a fresh batch of these buds and you’ll notice evident earthy aromas coupled with sweet, citrus, slightly fruity undertones. In terms of flavours, users generally notice a strong earthy, slightly grassy flavour with still some subtle citrus notes. Other users also report notes of cedar, incense, and even spice.

Original Amnesia plants grow like typical sativas and are generally best suited for outdoor grow ops in warm mediterranean climates. These plants grow quickly and vigorously, easily reaching heights of over 3.5 metres in an outdoor environment. Best of all, they take just around 65 days to flower, and can produce epic harvests of up to 1200 grams per plant or 600g per 1m2.


Original Amnesia buds are usually elongated and slightly wispy, typical of a sativa, and boast a light green colour with deep orange hues thanks to a generous spread of pistils. Most importantly, they are generously covered in a thick, frosty layer of trichomes which are a testament to the strain's potency.

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