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maXtractor Extraktor M, 30 cm

maXtractor Extraktor M, 30 cm

Manufacturer: Maxtractor

Weight: 0.10 kg

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maXtractor Extraktor M, 30 cm

Oil-Extraktor, 30 cm

Plant parts such as flowers and petals are placed in a bucket of ice-cold water and the ice cubes are added (working temperature approx. 4 °C). Due to the low temperature, the resin glands solidify and become sievable. Stir for 15 minutes with a mixer, then leave to rest for at least 15 minutes.

The actual extraction takes place during the resting phase. This process can be repeated several times.
Place the sieve bags in the second bucket (first fine, then coarse with a sufficient distance). Now the previously prepared water-plant mixture is filled into the top bag.

If the entire plant material is not covered with water, additional water must be added. Now the crystals sink and collect in the fine sieve.

Now remove the coarse sieve with the plant remains (swirl and squeeze out slightly). Then take out the fine sieve bags and squeeze out the water. (Press on with the help of a kitchen towel placed around the sieve bag) A brown-green sludge remains in the bag. Scrape it off the sieve bottom with a spatula and let it dry. Finished!

The finer the sieve, the lower the yield, but also the stronger the result.

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