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Integra Boost Humidiccant, 67 g, 62 %

Integra Boost Humidiccant, 67 g, 62 %

Manufacturer: Integra

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Integra Boost Humidiccant, 67 g, 62 %

2-WAY HUMIDITY CONTROL TECHNOLOGY adapts to the air around it, absorbing or adding moisture as needed to create the ideal environment for herbal medicine.

WON’T ALTER THE TASTE, AROMA, OR FLAVOR of herbs or pantry items
REHYDRATE HERB EFFECTIVELY without the makeshift use of sponges, citrus peels, or bread.

THE CLEANEST HUMIDITY CONTROL PACKS – Tear- & spill-resistant pack, non-toxic, made without the use of metallic salts, and made with food-grade ink. SAFELY SEALED in a professional-grade oxygen barrier

HANDS-FREE INDICATOR CARDS INCLUDED — The dot on each humidity-indicator card turns blue when it’s time to replace.

Too much moisture can mean mold or damp herb, while too little can lead to overdrying, crispy flowers, and harsh smoke. Rehydrate your flowers without the makeshift use of sponges, citrus peels, or bread—and create a balanced environment for herbal medicine, pantry items, and more with Integra BOOST packs. 

Our 2-way humidity control technology expertly adapts to the air around it—absorbing or adding moisture as needed to maintain ideal relative humidity (RH) in any enclosed environment. Simply place a BOOST pack in an enclosed container and it will begin regulating humidity at the level listed on the packaging (either 55% or 62%). Replace with a fresh pack when the dot on the hands-free humidity indicator card (included) turns bright blue. It’s that simple. 

Professional-Grade Moisture Barrier Bag All Integra BOOST packs come in a professional-grade double-zip barrier bag that protects against moisture., oxygen, and vapour—making it perfect for storing herbal medicine. Simply remove the six overwrapped BOOST packs that come in the barrier bag, add your product to the bag, and add back one unwrapped BOOST pack to achieve the perfect climate within the safely sealed bag.

Use our 67-gram Integra Boost 2-way humidity control packs to control moisture in an enclosed area. Our patented technology will either release or absorb moisture, maintaining relative humidity at 62 % in a contained environment.

We include a smart, simple-to-read to Replacement Indicator Card with our Integra Boost packs. Simply replace the old pack with a fresh one when the dot on the Replacement Indicator Card turns bright blue.

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