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Hobby Growbox Set, 600W

Hobby Growbox Set, 600W

Weight: 45.00 kg

This set consists of: 

  • 1 Homebox HomeLab 120 grow tent
    1 FLE Horti Gear 600 Compact
    1 Vega reflector
    1 Prima Klima Sunkraft HPS 600 W
    1 CAN-FAN RK 125L 350 M³ / H
    1 activated carbon filter filter CAN Lite 425PL
    2m Aluconnect hose, 127mm
    1 flunch in a suitable diameter
    1 hose clamps of suitable size
    1 cable set (1.5 + 4m)
    1 cable with mains
    1 Garden HighPro Thermo / Hygrometer premium
    1 Garden HighPro Lighthanger
    1 Garden HighPro clip fan, 15W
    1 Lumatek digital timer
    Shipping Weight:


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€ 479.90

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HomeBox HomeLab 120 Tent Set 600W - Affordable yet Complete!


HomeBox HomeLab 120 has long been the first choice for growers who want a fast and comfortable indoor garden.
End of all the nasty work, "do it yourself" guides, and tool tips. Simply unpack, assemble and transform virtually any room into a clean and productive growing room in minutes. HomeLab has been designed to make your life easier, and has now been completely refurbished and branded with the latest enhancements to give you the best solution. Homebox HomeLab has everything you could expect from a portable indoor tent and much more!

Problem free
The waterproof cover and light barrier on the zipper keep both spilled water and light inside.


This time the zipper is made of metal, the seam is even stronger and the outer tent material is woven even tighter to make it stronger and more durable.

Rugged structure

The joints of the rods are even stronger. The vase of the growbox is also reinforced with built-in pressure locks.

Double-layer air vents

Flow air in and out of your GrowLab tent without letting the light escape, thanks to the extra layer sewn into the air vents.


120x120x200cm ... 1,44m2

The GIB Lighting Flower Specter HPS standard series is for all plant-friendly people who want to continue successful crop production, but still have a low starting budget. The optimal solution for hobbyists, indoor gardeners and overwintering tropical plants as it is available in very low power.
Recommended stage: flowering.

Socket: E40
Power: 600W
Color temperature: 2100K
Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Burning situation: Anyway
Ballast required: yes
Light source luminous flux: 90.000Lm
Lamp Light Use: 215Lm / W
Lamp current: 6A
Material: transparent
Lifetime: over 24000 hours
Overall length: 285mm
Diameter: 46mm.

Shipping weight:


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