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HHC Liquid - Tabacco-Menthol 5ml

HHC Liquid - Tabacco-Menthol 5ml

Manufacturer: Wake&Bake;

Weight: 0.100 kg

Wake&Bake's HHC liquid aroma is finally available.
Awesome Stuff! Try it!

- unique aroma
- naturally derived cannabinoid
- highest quality standards
- produced in Austria
- NO "Spice" product
- 100% SMG / BTMG Compliant
- 100% Nicotine Free!

Aroma: Tobacco / Menthol
Ingredients: Tobacco / Menthol, Propylene glycol (PG), PG / HHC as flavoring fluid for the aroma
Containing one package: 1 bottle of liquid aroma, 1 cartridge for self-catering

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€ 79.90

This product is only for people over 18!
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Hexahydrocannabinol, a course in HHC, is a relatively new, naturally occurring cannabinoid in Hanfplanze. In the USA is in the form of Liquids, flowers, oils uvm. already very wide.

Through the unique taste and the affected work, the HHC is in the best time for the best cannabis product on the legal market.

HHC comes in many parts of the main plant in front of other fields as well, from which we will win our material.

Yes, HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the wild plant, not yet in SMG, BTMG or NPSG.

In addition, there are no stereochemical variants of the canned cannabinoid.

It also does not cover synthetic synthetic cannabinoids, such as "Spice" products.

It is also known to use a naturally occurring cannabinoid from the main plant.

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