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Greenception GCx 16

Greenception GCx 16

Manufacturer: Greenception

Weight: 20.00 kg

Designed to be the best choice for mid-range growers looking for maximum cultural events.
Replaces the light output of a 600 W sodium vapor lamp.

  • 100 X 100 CM
  • 480 W
  • 120 X 120 CM
  • INCL. UV
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Greenception GCx 16

After 1.5 years of development, Greenception proudly presents its new product family: the seriesx.

The new models with silent, passive cooling represent the further development of our bestseller series, the GC Cluster, and set new standards in terms of quality and functionality for LED grow lights for home use. In addition to the full spectrum supplemented with UV light and Far-red, the new models offer you greater efficiency, stepless 2-channel dimming and improved illumination.

Extended spectrum
As in the previous generation, we of course also use the full spectrum (365 to 780 nm) extended by UV light and Far-red for the seriesx.

You can look forward to higher levels of active ingredients and terpenes, controllable distance growth and significantly higher photosynthesis rates.

Clever lighting
The seriesx models are based on the most popular square tent sizes and the light output of conventional sodium vapor lamps. In this way you can easily find the right variant and ensure the ideal light supply for your plants.

The GCx 16 replaces the light output of a 600 W sodium vapor lamp and is suitable for areas up to a maximum of 120 x 120 cm.

Stepless 2-channel dimming
With the new plant LEDs of the seriesx it is finally possible to individually dim two different light spectra. With the help of our 2 channels (growth and bloom spectrum), you can adapt the plant light individually to the current needs of your plants and at the same time save a lot of electricity: While conventional plant LEDs have inevitably been hung higher, our new models can simply be dimmed down .

This saves about 30% of the electricity costs!

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