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Fast Buds / AUTO / Rhino Ryder

Fast Buds / AUTO / Rhino Ryder

Amount: 5 Seeds
Manufacturer: Fast Buds

Weight: 0.05 kg

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Fast Buds Rhino Ryder automatic 



Rhino Ryder Auto

One of the best strains when it comes to making hashish, extracts and rosin. It is one of the easiest strains to grow and will deliver great yields in just 9 weeks. This hybrid will express both the indica and sativa heritage, but will remain lower than most strains, making it an excellent choice for growers with limited space. Earthy taste and a slightly spicy cinnamon and pear scent make up one of the best tasting hashish types.

Description of the Rhino Ryder Auto
Large buds that are so resinous that they remind of ivory herbs. The colas are known to have the shape of a rhinoceros horn. Thick and dense buds that have an impressive, chunky appearance and a wonderfully fresh cinnamon and pear terpene profile.


Rhino Ryder Auto smoke report
The name is an indication of how powerful the strain is and what to expect, and this medicinal wonder plant is excellent for relaxing the body, which leads to heavy eyelids and the feeling of wanting to lie down and catch up on the necessary sleep. A very physical effect that can be hard to shake off, so be warned before this girl goes for it at full steam. Recommended for medical patients and those with a very high tolerance to the strongest indica.


Appearance Rhino Ryder car
The plant will grow low and with short intervals between the shoots and small, thick fan leaves. The height will be between 60-100 cm once it has fully blossomed. During this time it will produce a large number of thick, golf ball-sized buds. Thanks to their indica influence, the plants will take on a bushy Christmas tree structure, which will surround the lower plants with side branches and leaves. It is perfect for being kept low and for those who have concerns about the size. Its main trunk is thick and it will be extremely wind resistant due to its low and bushy structure. The plant will begin to develop an intense trichome, turning white and then form resin splints over the fan leaves and the surrounding plant material.


Grow tips
Rhino Ryder Auto can be grown in cold and wet climates and ends with hard, frosty buds. A very hard-wearing hybrid that is ideal for anyone experiencing difficult climatic conditions. It is possible to grow the plant early and late in the year without fear of mold or mildew. As soon as flowering begins, we advise you to provide her with a strong nutrient solution that will help her achieve massive yields. Thanks to a fast flowering period, this girl can be grown outdoors in sunny climates all year round with excellent results. If it grows close together in a Sea of ​​Green, the yield per m2 can be maximized as this autoflowering hybrid grows extremely evenly.


The aromas are earthy and peppery with notes of cinnamon and fruity pear, which merge into a gentle, floral fragrance. A very soft and pleasant taste that makes you stretch out on the couch, lick your lips and want more and more.

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