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Fast Buds / AUTO / Original White Widow

Fast Buds / AUTO / Original White Widow

Amount: 5 Seeds
Manufacturer: Fast Buds

Weight: 0.01 kg

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Fast Buds Original White Widow Cannabis seeds


Original White Widow

She is an old school legend, multiple world champion with an insane resin profile earning  her the name. One of the original strains from the 1980’s that still ranks as an excellent choice for beginner growers and those who want the very best old school in autoflowering form.

A fast growing and extremely reliable strain that takes only 9 weeks from seed to harvest. Outdoors she will achieve incredible results and can withstand hot and cold weather without any problems. Its aromas are spicy and floral and its effect is relaxing, making it ideal for social events. Hash lovers will love our White Widow Auto because it's one of our trichome machines, its delicious buds are oozing resin and their leaves do the same.


Bud description
The buds of our White Widow Auto stand out from other strains because of their rich resin content. They are covered from top to bottom with trichomes and streaked with dark green hues and maroon pistils. Due to their fluffy structure, the buds are incredibly voluminous, but weigh little. This allows you to smoke a lot but consume a few grams of your hard-earned harvest.


Smoke report
Thanks to its THC content, the high is motivating and really gets the mind going. Ideal for working through your to-do list in a concentrated and in a good mood. The high has a long-lasting effect and at a low dose tends to be subtle.


White Widow Auto grows evenly between shoots and produces a sizeable main bud. Her side branches grow tall and wide, and huge silver-coated buds will develop in just 9 weeks. The leaves are thin and long, just like the general stature, which no longer stretches after the beginning of the flowering period and at the end reaches a rather low height of 70-100 cm. Towards the end of the flowering period, its leaves can sometimes turn pink or magenta-red. This highlights the beauty of our White Widow Auto just too well!


Grow tips
A really easy to grow strain known for its extreme resin profile. This is why you can make extracts or hashish from your cut leaf material very well. The SoG (Sea of ​​Green) method works extremely reliably with our Original Auto White Widow.

Fast Buds recommends planting this hybrid outdoors and a little later than other autoflowering strains, as this strain can easily handle cold, humid climates. In the hot summer months he can deliver even better and bring his full productivity to bear. Overall, it is highly recommended for beginners who are new to the world of autoflowering genetics and need a robust and reliable strain that requires very little maintenance.


A mixture of musky, spicy earth with a delicate sweetness. When smoking, a strong taste of piquant spices and dried fruits develops. A special taste experience that the older generation definitely knows and appreciates.

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