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Fast Buds / AUTO / Original Sour Diesel

Fast Buds / AUTO / Original Sour Diesel

Amount: 5 Seeds
Manufacturer: Fast Buds

Weight: 0.01 kg

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Fast Buds Original Sour Diesel Cannabis seeds


Original Sour Diesel

An easy to grow and hardy strain grower's of all levels can appreciate. High in THC levels, reaching the world famous fuel, citrus, sandalwood, and pine flavor that comes with this vintage sativa dominant hybrid.

Despite her strong sativa influence, it only takes 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest. This makes them ideal for all growers who want classic, overwhelming, and spicy terpenes in a short amount of time and who don't want to compromise on quality. Our Sour Diesel Auto can reach up to four feet and will produce long, sativa-style stacked buds. Its effects are energetic and clear, but transforms into a dreamy, focused high over time.
An excellent choice for commercial growers, hash lovers, and extract makers.


Bud description
Sour Diesel Auto has a very jagged, elongated bud structure. The lime green buds are covered in a silver blanket of trichomes. The greasy resin that coats the dense buds consists of pure gas, citrus and fuel aromas. You can almost smell these aromas. The taste and, above all, the smell combination ensures a high recognition value.


Smoke report
With her sour, hot, chemical fuel terpene profile, this lady can deceive her to be mistaken for a Kush variety. But the effect, on the other hand, is an expression of their sativa genetic makeup and it is precisely this genetic makeup that also brings with it the wave of creative energy that you feel when smoking. A really great strain that is perfect to enjoy with friends while gaming or doing creative work.


Due to its sativa dominance, the plant can reach heights of up to 1.2 m. Due to its large number of The medium-sized distance between the buds guarantees many large buds in a small area. The main budgets are often the guarantors of income.


Grow tips
We advise experienced growers with limited space to use LST (Low Stress Training). Tying the long side branches allows the plant to focus its energy on producing its buds. Extraction lovers can look forward to a lot of leaf and sugar clipping. Outdoors this hybrid grows incredibly quickly, especially in hotter climates. But even cold nights do not cause it any problems, so that it is also a good choice for colder climates. The appearance is characterized by a dark purple color, which makes it look even more special. This strain can tolerate a lot of nutrients, but don't give it any nutrients towards the end of flowering or the final taste, quality of the ash, and the overall experience may suffer.


The taste of our Sour Diesel Auto consists of a complex mixture of sandalwood, pepper and earth. This mixture is complemented by sour citrus notes. The lover for the terpene fans and the representative of the gas flavors will also surely cast a spell on you.

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