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Fast Buds / AUTO / Original Russian

Fast Buds / AUTO / Original Russian

Amount: 5 Seeds
Manufacturer: Fast Buds

Weight: 0.01 kg

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Fast Buds Original Russian Cannabis seeds


Original Russian

An indica dominant hybrid that is very easy to grow, with a short height and large yields. Russian Auto is superb for growers looking for a low maintenance, rapid flowering, resilient hybrid with wonderful sweet, candy, fruity and skunky aromas.

Due to its inconspicuousness and its short flowering time, it is well suited for growing on the terrace or balcony.
Its effects are more mental than physical as it expresses the full spectrum of indica and sativa heritage. An excellent strain that can be grown outdoors several times over the summer and winter months.


Bud description
 Russian Auto, as the name suggests, has a remarkable resin profile. Under the sea of ​​trichomes there are dark brown hairs that wrap around the lime green buds. With the right overall concept, the buds are well suited for selling.


Smoke report
A potent strain, the high slowly creeps in and fades into a wave of physical relaxation. Despite the Indica dominance, this balanced effect is not too racy or oppressive. With this harmonious combination you can work with concentration and maintain a relaxed feeling in addition to work and intoxication.


At a compact 60-80 cm, this is one of our shorter strains, making it well-suited for growers with limited space. The short space between the shoots is filled with thick buds and short leaves. Due to the uniform and homogeneous structure, many plants fit into a small area. This advantage and the good genetic predisposition make it possible in just 8 weeks.


Grow tips
Planting as many seeds as possible in one square meter is the best way to increase yields on this strain. Outdoor it shines with an impressively high resistance to plant diseases, which increases the yield security enormously. Due to the inconspicuous growth pattern, it is hardly noticeable between other plant species, perfect for those who want to keep their hobby a secret. The main bud is surrounded by many shorter side branches. Tying the shorter side branches in LST (Low Stress Training) increases the number of flowering sites and gives the buds more access to light. In order not to overload the plant, it is advisable to start during the growth phase and to stop at the beginning of the flowering phase.


A unique treat that can be compared to a sweet cherry cake. Original Russian Auto combines fruity and floral terpenes and creates an unmistakable taste.

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