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Fast Buds / AUTO / Original OG Kush

Fast Buds / AUTO / Original OG Kush

Amount: 5 Seeds
Manufacturer: Fast Buds

Weight: 0.01 kg

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Fast Buds Original OG Kush Cannabis seeds


Original OG Kush

The most powerful autoflower strain from Fast Buds Originals! She is easy to grow making her a wise choice for beginner growers. She has an extremely loud terpene profile consisting of pine, citrus with an overpowering pungency. A true expression of the world famous O.G Kush, this autoflowering hybrid will making her a contender for the strongest strain on our Original Line.

Thanks to her Californian descent, this lady is used to hot days and cold nights and will achieve superior results in all climates. Due to its strong and sleepy effect, it is best suited for smokers with a high tolerance or for connoisseurs who like to let their thoughts wander.


Bud description
OG Kush Auto produces firm and structurally strong buds. These smell tempting of pine trees and ripe citrus fruits. The calyxes are very dense and close together, which is why the characteristics of this strain appear rather small and somewhat stocky. Its terpene profile, which is worth mentioning, and its enormous potency characterize our spirited strain. Not to mention the insane amount of picturesque resin that wraps around the bud like a coat of caramel.


Smoke report
The effects of this strain are devastating and not for the first time! Smoking leads to a heavily oppressive and extremely long-lasting high. Excessive consumption of the potent strain catapults you to sleep or puts you in a feeling of absolute inner calm. The perfect choice for medical patients looking for therapeutic benefits or for smokers who crave a perfect, powerful high.


Our OG Kush Auto only creates short spaces between the thin branches. Thanks to the indica dominance, she reaches a medium height. High quality yields of up to 450-550g / m² can be harvested in about 63 days. The main budgets are often the more secure ones. Its easy-care character makes it easier for beginners to grow, so that they gradually get a feel for the strain and its needs.


Grow tips
When this strain blooms, the many terpenes begin to give off an extremely strong odor. Your neighbor could expose him, so always be on your guard! OG Kush Auto can thrive in harsh climates with no problems as this strain is used to the cold California night times. Thanks to her distinctive indica influences, this lady can consume a large amount of nutrients on a regular basis. With its easy-care nature and the familiar compact appearance, this new strain retains the advantages of the old classic.


An unmistakable mixture of deep pine aromas, a sharp, earthy note and a fresh citrus taste. Lovers of these aromas will fall madly in love with this elegant Kush variation. Your palate will be overwhelmed by creamy, smoky citrus fruits and tart notes, which combine an extraordinary combination in an interesting way thanks to the unmistakable kerosene character.

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