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Fast Buds / AUTO / Original Northern Lights

Fast Buds / AUTO / Original Northern Lights

Amount: 5 Seeds
Manufacturer: Fast Buds

Weight: 0.01 kg

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Fast Buds Original Northern Lights Cannabis seeds


Original Norhtern Lights

An unbelievably resilient autoflowering strain, that is easy to grow and perfect for beginners. Very generous yields that really pack a punch when it comes to effect. This indica hybrid is one for those who enjoy a good couch lock. We were able to enhance the extremely high plant resistance from the Northern Lights, and as well as yields.  A very tough strain that responds well to cold and hot conditions and requires very little maintenance. An old school classic that will really hit you between the eyes with her powerful, long lasting effects.

This indica hybrid is perfect for all chillers and couch friends thanks to its effects. During breeding, it was extremely important to us to maintain the high resilience of the Northern Lights genetics and to genetically increase the yield chances. As a result, the strain also reacts very confidently to cold and hot conditions and requires very little maintenance. A true classic that really turns a blind eye with its powerful, long-lasting effect!


Bud description
Her buds are light and airy and covered with terpenes. They have an elongated, narrow structure that resembles the shape of an elongated acorn. The shimmering trichomes are densely packed at every point on the bud, which is interesting for all hashish lovers who enjoy working with the dryer screen technique!


Smoke report
Northern Lights Auto makes you want more. The fast-acting, physical effect reflects a classic full-blooded indica. The more you smoke, the more intense your physical well-being becomes. The energy-saving mode is switched on, the looks become increasingly dreamy and the couch becomes a best friend. Perfect for the late hours for lounging, sleeping or watching movies.


The considerable height of 90-120 cm is rather untypical for an indica, but it also has the advantage that many buds can grow large. Due to the short distance between the shoots, the plant is very narrow and therefore particularly easy to care for. The sturdy hardwood side branches gradually disappear under spicy buds with sweet aromas. Growers who live in a cold, humid climate can defy their environment perfectly with this resistant strain.


Grow tips
One of the highest yielding strains from our original line, which is incredibly well suited for the SoG (Sea of ​​Green) method. The high resistance ensures that plant diseases can be easily prevented, which makes outdoor grows much easier in colder climates with short summers and increased rainfall. Our Original Auto Northern Lights is also highly resistant to all types of insects, which enables this strain to grow well in gardens with pest infestation. A high E.C. value is also possible. You can't go wrong with this strain, it is important to rinse only 14 days before harvest so that all accumulated nutrients are removed in time.


A true indica with a strong character. Their tasty terpenes are slightly spicy on the palate. The aftertaste is reminiscent of an extraordinary combination of pepper spices and a mild fruitiness.

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