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Fast Buds / AUTO / Grapefruit

Fast Buds / AUTO / Grapefruit

Amount: 5 Seeds
Manufacturer: Fast Buds

Weight: 0.05 kg

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Fast Buds Grapefruit automatic 




A powerful producing autoflowering hybrid with a very special and unique grapefruit aftertaste. Gourmets will love this strain as it is easy to grow and has an incomparable taste. Commercial growers will be happy to work with this generous producer, . Thanks to its high resistance and rapid growth, the plant can be planted outdoors several times a year without suffering from mold or mildew in the wet season. Marijuana producers and extractors will no longer forget Grapefruit Auto because they can use them to produce sensational extracts.

Bud description of Grapefruit Auto
Large, elongated and dense buds stuck together by trichomes. The dense, orange pistils give the plant a really striking appearance.


Grapefruit Auto Smoke Report
Thanks to the balanced balance of indica and sativa, the effects can range from a harmonious creative high to a soothing physical body tone. An excellent choice for morning and daily use, for social scenarios and a way to stay focused and relaxed during the day while enjoying some fruity flavors.


Appearance of Grapefruit Auto
A short and compact hybrid that works well for growers with limited space and for those looking for a discreet, easy-care strain. The final height varies between 60-90 cm if the plants are grown closely together in a Sea of ​​Green. The flowering period from sowing to harvest will take between 8 and 9 weeks.


Grow Tips Grapefruit Auto
A perfect hybrid for all growers who experience short summers and need a fast and reliable producer. A small plant that has a very short flowering period and is therefore well suited for cold and wet climates.

In order to increase Grapefruit Auto's productivity even further, you should allow as many plants as possible to grow together using the SOG method. Due to its already discreet size, it is well suited for balcony, terrace or back garden crops. However, you should not reduce it to its size, because with the right LST training it can produce extremely large buds.


Taste of grapefruit auto
If you like fruity and floral terpenes, this is the right strain for you. A soft, sweet and sour cocktail with a hint of fresh grapefruit and earth. Their extracts are excellent and bring out their exotic, bitter-sweet grapefruit taste. Perfect for the morning dab.

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