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Fast Buds / AUTO / Forbidden Runtz

Fast Buds / AUTO / Forbidden Runtz

Amount: 5 Seeds
Manufacturer: Fast Buds

Weight: 0.100 kg

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Fast Buds Forbidden Runtz automatic 



This indica-dominant autoflowering hybrid grows to around 130cm in just 63 days. Forbidden Runtz Auto offers a strong and well-definable fruity aroma that is accompanied by an extreme sweetness and earthiness. A good strain for anyone looking for a balanced smoking experience that allows them to easily glide through the day without feeling too euphoric or tired.

Bud description

The ping-pong ball-sized buds have white shades of light green and dark green, peppered with pink highlights that give the buds a mesmerizing appearance. The sweet fruit cocktail smells differently than expected, namely of earthy aromas. Thanks to the insane trichome production, it looks like trichomes are growing on trichomes, which makes the buds look almost fluffy and gives them that sticky look that every commercial grower is looking for.


This strain grows quite tall for an autoflower and develops a tall main bud that can reach up to 130 cm, surrounded by several side branches that grow at different heights, giving Forbidden Runtz Auto a pine-like structure. A bushy plant with relatively small fan leaves and long branches that are completely surrounded by extremely dense buds.

Grow tips

Due to the dense buds, we recommend supporting the branches in the last few weeks of flowering to prevent the branches from kinking. For additional support, you can perform a wide variety of low-stress techniques so that the light evenly reaches all flower spots. Another positive effect is that the air is better distributed between the buds, which prevents mold and increases yields even further. This strain is a remarkable trichome producer, especially recommended for commercial extractors and hash makers.

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