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Fast Buds / AUTO / Cream Cookies

Fast Buds / AUTO / Cream Cookies

Manufacturer: Fast Buds

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Fast Buds Cream Cookies Hemp Seeds 



FB refined their GSC line to create the perfect recipe for our Cream Cookies Auto. This indica-dominant strain does not grow taller than 90 cm and is easy to handle. The strong, yet relaxed sativa head high is accompanied by an intense indica body high. The rich kush taste is rounded off by sugary terpenes. This combination is the reason for the smooth smoke, which is reminiscent of the delicious combination of cookies and cream.

Bud description
A mixture of different shades of green, which are peppered with occasional violet discolorations. The orange hairs stick out from a sticky layer of resin. The buds give off sweet and creamy scents, which are reminiscent of fresh cookies with cream.

Smoke report
An invigorating high that slowly transforms into a relaxed sense of wellbeing and can tie you to the couch. Perfect for movie nights on summer nights or to let your mind wander while listening to your favorite music. Occasional users may experience a slightly lethargic effect.

Our Cream Cookies Auto can reach a height of 60 to 90 cm. Despite their indica-heavy structure, their shoots grow a long way apart. The plant forms a large main bud, which is accompanied by several side shoots. The buds are coated with resin. After rinsing, some leaves will turn reddish tones.

Grow tips
A fast growing and versatile strain. Cream Cookies Auto has performed well in a wide variety of grow setups. Experienced growers can use LST (Low Stress Training) on ​​this strain. At the beginning you should dose fertilizer discreetly, then you can adjust it as required. Before each addition of nutrients, the pH value of the water should be adjusted. The pH value should generally be 6.5 in order not to restrict the growth of the plant.

Cookies & Cream. The smooth smoke of the strain seduces with intense Kush aromas and is accompanied by sweet notes. The combination of both flavors gives it a cookie-like touch. A light smoke with a wonderfully creamy and mild taste ensures delicious moments.

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