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Fast Buds / AUTO / Bruce Banner

Fast Buds / AUTO / Bruce Banner

Amount: 5 Seeds
Manufacturer: Fast Buds

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Fast Buds Bruce Banner automatic 



A highly productive strain with heavy trichome production that completely covers the buds and sedates the whole body. A beautiful hybrid with a slight sativa dominance that will leave you floating in a motivated, calm and stress-free mood for hours. This relatively large sativa grows between 110-150 cm tall and takes 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest. The high number of branches is wrapped in bright green buds and a terpene mix of sweet berries and diesel flavors. With this extraordinary combination, wonderful extractions are possible that leave a special taste in the mouth.

Bud description

Expect light green buds with chunky calyxes covered in dark brown hairs. This harmonious combination is rounded off by a few lime green leaves. This strain is notable for its impressive resin production, which creates such a thick layer that the buds look like they are completely white. An amazing strain, with extraordinary aromas that, thanks to the delicate yet pungent smell of fresh forest berries, mixed with diesel terpenes and a touch of sweetness, will positively surprise even the most experienced terpene hunters.


Bruce Banner Auto grows tall and bushy. As they grow, they develop thin-fingered and relatively large fan leaves, as well as a large main bud, which is surrounded by several side branches and can reach a height of 150 cm. Thanks to careful selection and breeding, this strain combines the best of both worlds. A comparatively tall autoflower, with long and homogeneous side branches, which are surrounded by buds during the flowering phase, which have a compact structure.

Grow tips

It is essential that you have enough space to grow such a huge autoflower. Due to the large and bushy foliage, it is highly recommended to keep the branches at a distance by tying them up or in a scrog net. This way you will ensure that the light reaches all the flower spots and the air penetrates the buds, avoiding mold and underdeveloped buds. At the end of flowering, all of the sugar leaves and even some of the larger leaves will be covered in a thick layer of resin, which is a good base for strong and super tasty extractions.

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