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Elf Bar RF350 Vape-pen

Elf Bar RF350 Vape-pen

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Pod RF350 - Eleven Bar
Warning: The Elf Bar RF350 e-cigarette kit is not suitable for e-liquids containing more than 50% vegetable glycerin (VG).

We always need a smaller one. And for your big ambitions, your big needs and your biggest challenges, the small electronic cigarette RF350 Elf Bar is here!

The RF350 Elf Bar Electronic Cigarette is designed to start vaping hassle-free and at an affordable price. She is accessible to everyone. Its priority is to offer you realistic sensations with high nicotine e-liquids. Its very low power is also ideal for using alternative e-liquids. Whether you are looking for an e-cigarette to start with, a CBD e-cigarette, nicotine salts, or just an e-cigarette to quit the traditional cigarette without spending too much money, the Elf Bar RF350 pod kit has it all for you need!

Elf RF350: low price and easy to use
The Elf Bar RF350 electronic cigarette is a "pod" type kit. Simple and easily affordable, the RF350 kit consists of just a battery and a cartridge that you can fill with your first e-liquid. Everyone will be able to taste her ultra-realistic vaping talent! Charge, fill, attach, you're ready to vape with your RF350 Elf Bar Kit.

Mission: Stealth
If there's one thing the RF350 Elf Bar Kit can't do, it's sore muscles! At just 20g of plastic and polycarbonate, this affordable vape is also small in the hand, sliding anywhere by your side to be drawn from the sheath at the slightest need. With the RF350 Elf Bar Kit, there's no need to worry!

Kit RF350: mini battery for zero waiting time
Efficient by nature, the Elf Bar RF350 Electronic Cigarette only requires a small 350mAh battery to ensure you over a hundred puffs. Charge your RF350 compact kit anytime in the office or at home in just 25 minutes thanks to the USB-C cable!

RF350 cartridge: fill, clip, vaporize
As simple as a two-piece puzzle, the Elf Bar RF350 kit includes a removable 1.6mL cartridge that you can fill with your favorite e-liquid and then plug into the battery.

No maintenance, no parts to replace, then all you have to do is fill the cartridge of your RF350 Elf Bar Kit to use it until the entire cartridge simply needs to be replaced!
Replacement cartridges for Elf Bar RF350 are sold separately.

The perfect illusion
For an electronic cigarette under €15, Elf Bar's RF350 kit has everything you need. Do you need realism? Its tight draw and cartridge with flattened spout restore intense flavor sensations and a mouthfeel as close as possible to a classic cigarette.

Want simplicity? The RF350 kit does not require a button or lighter to light up. Simply insert the cartridge into the battery and simply suck through the nozzle to trigger the vape 100% automatically!

Kit Elf Bar RF350: cut for the hit
With its 1.2 ohm heating resistor built into the cartridge, the electronic cigarette RF350 Elf Bar for beginners does not consume much and produces a finely concentrated vapor, ideal to offer an intense nicotine boost. All nicotine levels are accepted, even the highest! And for casual vaping, the RF350 kit is also perfect for using e-liquids with nicotine salts or e-liquids with CBD.

Warning: The Elf Bar RF350 e-cigarette kit is not suitable for e-liquids containing more than 50% vegetable glycerin (VG).

Filling the cartridge RF350
To refill the cartridge of your RF350 Elf Bar Starter Kit, first remove the cartridge from the battery and then remove the silicone cap on the side. Top up in no time by inserting your e-liquid bottle's dropper into the small filling hole!

When does the RF350 Elf Bar Kit cartridge need to be replaced?
The cartridge of RF350 Elf Bar Pod Kit can be refilled indefinitely, but its service life is limited. If, after several weeks of use, you notice weak vapour, no flavor or a burnt taste, replace your RF350 cartridge with a new one to enjoy the intense sensations of the first puffs!

Composition of the RF350 Pod Kit - Elf Bar
1 battery RF350 350mAh

1 refillable cartridge RF350 1.6ml (integrated spiral)

1 USB-C cable

1 instruction manual

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