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Dinafem / FEM / Dinachem

Dinafem / FEM / Dinachem

Amount: 5 Seeds
Manufacturer: Dinafem

Weight: 0.03 kg

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Dinachem Cannabis Seeds

Dinachem is a direct descendant of the legendary genetics ChemDawg 91, which was developed in 1991 by the famous Breeder ChemDog in the USA. And we worked closely with none other for the development of these feminized cannabis seeds: When he offered Dinafem Seeds the unique opportunity to work with some strains from his private property, we immediately knew that we had genetics in the spirit of the original ChemDawg wanted to create!

Since ChemDog made it so easy for us, we crossed a Guava Chem with an elite clone of the original ChemDawg 91. This resulted in a 65% Sativa / 35% Indica hybrid that bristles with exoticism and quality, one in every way Regarding innovative genetics that open up a world of sensations with their extraordinary diesel smell, in which all your senses start to dance. In short: there is no getting around this type of marijuana!

Best indica strain at Copa Cannazores 2016
Second best indica variety at the 2015 IC420 Growers Cup
The Dinachem seeds develop into slim marijuana plants with relatively broad leaves, few branches and wide internodes, which overlap with countless hard, compact buds that are bursting with resin during the flowering phase. As for their height, they are usually of average size, but can also reach 3 m in outdoor grow!

Dinachem is a productive strain of marijuana that gives you generous, high-quality harvests. Indoor she produces between 450 and 500 g / m2, outdoor between 600 and 800 g / plant - not a bad result if you think about it as a first-class product in the purest American style!

With Dinachem you will discover the exoticism of the American varieties: Their incredibly complex, unique aromatic and taste spectrum makes it clear what roots their genetics have. Look forward to a cannabis cocktail with a concentrated taste of tropical fruits, citrus fruits, fuel and exotic woods!

Dinachem is so potent that it is only suitable for the toughest consumers. As soon as you try it, an extraordinary, pleasant feeling of euphoria and creativity will flood your mind, which will stimulate you for a long time and eventually give way to a state of deep physical relaxation. Clairvoyance and relaxation - with Dinachem you get both!

Dinachem will surprise all growers with their exoticism and their numerous qualities. First of all, it is wonderfully moisture and pest resistant, which is why your culture can develop much more easily and grow vigorously. In indoor grow, it blooms after about 60-70 days, outdoors you can prepare yourself for harvesting from mid to late October. In the latter case, the plant prefers dry, warm, temperate and Mediterranean climates or greenhouses. And as always with such odor-intensive varieties, good odor filters cannot hurt!

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