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Dinafem / FEM / California Hash Plant

Dinafem / FEM / California Hash Plant

Amount: 5 Seeds
Manufacturer: Dinafem

Weight: 0.03 kg

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California Hash Plant Cannabis Seeds 

California Hash Plant hides feminized hemp seeds with indica dominance (90%), which are full of vitality and all peace of mind. Dinafem Seeds has developed it in mind of all those growers who love Indica strains but live in areas with cold and humid climates. Our breeders embarked on a long project, at the end of which they finally selected and crossed California Hash Plant and Northern Lights specimens that had been subjected to the toughest conditions. This resulted in a true all-round hybrid that is so stable and resilient that it adapts easily to any growing environment and yet delivers more than decent harvests with buds, from whose incomparable resin you can get gourmet extracts. From now on it is possible to grow seeds with California genetics even in cold climates - incredible, but true!

The California Hash Plant seeds develop into marijuana plants with a typical indica structure: small, compact and highly branched. The fact that they have so many branches and short internodes also gives them a wealth of hard, compact buds covered with a thick layer of resin.

California Hash Plant is one of the more discreet cannabis strains in terms of the smell of its cultures: its aroma is mild and not particularly noticeable, and the taste is dominated by ripe, intense notes of Afghan hashish, earth and spices. The similarity to hashish is so great that if you are not one of the absolute experts, you will hardly be able to tell whether you are smoking hashish or marijuana.

California Hash Plant has a physical, relaxing and long-lasting effect that is again very similar to that of hashish. This peaceful effect is just right for you if you long for relaxation and complete peace. However, it is of course also suitable for therapeutic purposes to alleviate anxiety and nervousness problems.

California Hash Plant is a born fighter: This plant not only survives pests and moisture - a real rarity with indica varieties - but also grows in the most untypical climates with exceptional strength. If you are still completely new to the world of hemp cultivation and need marijuana seeds to experiment with, then California Hash Plant is the perfect choice, because these plants are easy to care for and their super-short flowering phase (45–50 days) makes growing even easier. Without you taking care of them, their branches will suddenly overflow in front of buds. When growing indoors, you can use the cultivation system that you like most, but the SCROG method is best if you master it!

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