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Dinafem / FEM / Blue Widow

Dinafem / FEM / Blue Widow

Amount: 10 Seeds
Manufacturer: Dinafem

Weight: 0.03 kg

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Blue Widow Cannabis Seeds

Once you have grown the Blue Widow feminized cannabis seeds, you won't forget them anytime soon - and that's not a big surprise, because this cannabis treat has enjoyed great admiration and acclaim worldwide. Our Dinafem Seeds team wanted to develop something really spectacular and immediately agreed. The choice fell on two marijuana heavyweights with rich, complex features, Blueberry and White Widow. And, in all modesty, we could hardly have done better: The combination of these two genetics resulted in an outstanding, balanced hybrid (50% sativa, 50% indica) of exceptional quality, which was awarded top marks by industry experts.

1st prize for best outdoor cannabis seeds at Copa Cannabis 2015 in Uruguay.
3rd prize for best indica at the Cannabis Cup at Treating Yourself Expo 2013 in Toronto, Canada.
Blue Widow is such a breed that it will take your breath away! The seeds develop into beautiful, robust and stable plants that do not grow very large, but are robust and compact and have countless branches that fill with huge buds when they bloom. And the icing on the cake are the magnificent shades of purple and blue that adorn their leaves when it gets cooler at night during the flowering phase - a real reward for the grower doing his job so well!
Blue Widow produces generous, high quality crops. Their compact, voluminous buds are covered by a thick layer of white, aromatic resin, their trademark. It can deliver up to 535 g / m2 indoors, around 1100 g / plant outdoors - very interesting figures, all the more so because this is a really excellent type of grass, the resin of which everyone would like to try.

Even in organoleptic terms, Blue Widow is not stingy with charms: Her buds exude an intense, sweet aroma with sweet acidic and forest fruit notes, so complex that some compare it to a heavenly dish. Well, is your mouth watering already? With good reason, you will see ...!

Blue Widow first provides a cerebral, stimulating and psychedelic high, then a gentle feeling of physical relaxation. All of a sudden a strong, balanced and long-lasting wave of well-being will seize you. Afterwards, you can relax and enjoy a really good film or a round of music. This variety also has many therapeutic advantages, because it promotes appetite and sleep and relieves muscle pain.

Blue Widow has a real winning potential that you should try to max out! How? The key lies in a balanced nutrient supply and the right growing conditions with regard to lighting, ventilation, order and cleanliness. Thanks to its vigorous growth, any grower can make it with this plant, whether with or without experience. After just a short time - 50–55 days of indoor growing - the cultivation method with which you can best cope will beckon you with more than satisfactory results. Outside, on the other hand, this variety loves temperate, Mediterranean climates and of course also greenhouses, and delivers first-class harvests in early or mid-October. Even wet areas are not a problem; the plants know how to deal with bad weather.

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