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Dinafem / AUTO / OG Kush

Dinafem / AUTO / OG Kush

Amount: 5 Seeds
Manufacturer: Dinafem

Weight: 0.03 kg

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AUTO OG Kush  Cannabis Seeds

OG Kush Auto is a wonderful self-flowering version of the most desirable cannabis seeds on the American West Coast. With this automatic strain, Dinafem Seeds retains the incredible organoleptic qualities that have made OG Kush a strain of cannabis for a decade, while reaping the benefits of auto-flowering so you can harvest it within 80 days of germination. The worthy daughter of OG Kush and Haze 2.0 Auto is a true cannabis gemstone every "Auto" fan should have grown up at least once in her life.

The auto-flowering OG Kush Auto Cannabis Seed develops into plants that have a morphology similar to that of the feminized variety: strong, compact, indica-shaped and with short inner layers. Due to their practical size, they are ideal for indoor or small outdoor plants where discretion, such as a balcony or terrace, is important.

Despite its self-flowering genes, OG Kush Auto is a real cannon and gives 100% thick, heavy and resinous buds.
Their incredible taste, between the original and the one, is undoubtedly one of OG Kush Auto's greatest strengths. Look forward to the intense Kush aroma with lemon, petroleum and pepper notes!

The effects of OG Kush Auto are primarily indicative, strong, physical and lasting. However, since the breed also has a sativa component, it also has a brain effect that creates a nice balance with the previous intense physical relaxation. If we had to suggest the perfect moment to eat OG Kush Auto, it would be a friendly barbecue on the beach.

OG Kush Auto is a powerful cannabis plant that requires little maintenance and is therefore ideal for beginners. The self-flowering gene is especially useful if you live in an area with a humid climate and short summers. OG Kush Auto has a full life cycle of 70 to 80 days, so you can grow it outdoors and take advantage of the warmest and brightest days of the warm season, but avoid the start of autumn. But note that, due to its indicative dominance, the moisture of OG Kush is similar to that of Superman kryptonite, since its compact, dense shape is not really designed for quick drying. The good news, however, is that because of their speed, auto-flowering plants are less susceptible to fungi and diseases than their sisters who have a photographic stage.

As a worthy "car," the sprint queen OG Kush just needs good fertilization and needs as many hours of light and warmth to perform as well as possible. When working indoors, keep the light on from the beginning of 20 light and 4 dark hour cycles and keep it to the end. It starts to bloom on its own when it's done.

To promote the best performance of OG Kush Auto, it is best to grow it in flower pots of at least 10 liters and up to 20 liters if there is no space problem. The growing medium should always be nice and airy so that the roots take full advantage of the nutrients they can provide by adding one third of the coconut soil. Water in small amounts, but often, and make sure the plants are not in the water.

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