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Dinafem / AUTO / Cheese XXL

Dinafem / AUTO / Cheese XXL

Amount: 10 Seeds
Manufacturer: Dinafem

Weight: 0.03 kg

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AUTO  Cheese XXL Cannabis Seeds

Dinafem  breeders put a lot of effort into the development of the Cheese XXL Auto, because this noble genetics really deserved to take a completely new turn as an autoflowering version. Now we can proudly announce that this XXL variety, resulting from the combination of an Exodus Cheese and a CheeseAutoflowering, still exceeds all expectations of the Dinafem Seeds team: the hybrid not only combines the speed of autoflowers and all the virtues of Cheese , but also such high-quality and mass yields that Skunk lovers will be spit out!

The Cheese XXL auto seeds develop into large plants that reach heights of up to 1.60 m. The vigorous hybrids grow at dizzying speed and are quite branched; the phenotype of this strain is very similar to that of its first cousin, the feminized cheese. In addition to a large main bud, the high-quality autoflowering strain also produces countless, dense and really compact popcorn buds.
Our breeders developed this new version to get higher yields than their sister Cheese Auto. And as its name attribute "XXL" suggests, it actually brings the hoped-for increase in quantity. Here you have an easy and quick way to secure a large amount of large, dense buds full of resin su!

This strain exudes an authentic UK Cheese flavor that it inherited from the elite clone ExodusCheese. Be prepared for a distinctive, very special fragrance and taste with notes of fresh flowers, skunk and slightly spicy spices.

Above all, the effect of Cheese XXL Auto is very balanced, with an invigorating initial phase that slowly decays to a pleasant feeling of relaxation. In our opinion, this strain is ideal for sharing with your friends and for engaging discussions on Friday nights.
This genetics has been and still is of great help to thousands of grow amateurs around the world. Why? It's simple: thanks to its short life cycle and low maintenance, it is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to take the first steps in the art of hemp cultivation and who wants to secure storage cupboards full of first-class cannabis.

Since this variety is also very stable, it forms very homogeneous single specimens with medium resistance to fungal attack, which do not need an excessive amount of fertilizer. The best way to “feed” your plants is to move in the standard area.

Like all Cheese genetics, this strain also has a super intense aroma of overripe cheese - a detail that you shouldn't forget and should be best tackled with odor filters when growing indoors. Caution is also advisable in outdoor growing, because this plant is anything but discreet, it is not exactly the best choice for crops on the balcony or hemp gardens in the middle of the city: its size and its almost penetrating smell make neighbors very quick new residents carefully. Cheese XXL Auto, on the other hand, is ideal for guerrilla cultivation as well as rural, remote environments.

Because of its high yield, this fragrance champion may need tendrils to support its heavy, resinous buds towards the end of flowering. We recommend adding 30% coconut clay to the substrate mix and watering frequently with a little water so that the plants grow optimally

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