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Deluxe Growbox Set, 600W

Homebox Ambient 120 Komplettset
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€ 749.90
  • 1 Homebox Ambient Q 120+
  • Lumatek 600W electronic, dimmable 250 - 600W
  • 1Adjust-A-Wings Defender medium
  • 1 Sylvania SHP TS Growlux 600W
  • 1 great climate 2-speed 125mm
  • 1 carbon active filter granulate, 400m³ / h,
  • 2 hose clamp
  • 2 m Sonoconect hose 127 cm
  • 1 Garden HighPro Prohanger
  • 1 Garden HighPro Thermo / Hygrometer premium
  • 1 Garden HighPro fun 15 W
  • 1 Omnirex timer
  • Shipping Weight:
  • 40kg
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Deluxe Growbox Set, 600W


The fully complete set with high-end prducts! 



Our deluxe growbox set is approriate for the experienced grower especially. Also, beginners who want to have the best products only should go for the deluxe growbox set. 


This set consists of: 

  • Growbox: Homebox Ambient Q120+
  • Ballast: GIB NXE 600W 
  • Reflector: Adjust-A-Wings Defender medium
  • Lighting: GIB Flower Spectrum 600W
  • Ventilator: Prima Klima 2-Speed 125mm
  • Active chorcoal filter: Prima Klima 125/600
  • Tube: 2m Sonoconnect 127mm
  • 1 muffle, 127mm
  • 3 hose clamps 
  • 1 Garden Highpro Lighthanger 
  • 1 Garden HighPro Thermo/Hygrometer premium
  • 1 Taifun Clipventilator 15W 
  • 1 Omnirex timer


Shipping weight: 


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