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Deluxe Growbox Set, 250W

Deluxe Growbox Set, 250W

Weight: 40.00 kg

This set consists of: 

  • 1 Homebox Ambient Q80 +
  • 1 Lumatek ballast 250 W electronic / dimmable, 4 levels
  • 1Adjust-A-Wings Defender medium
  • 1 Sylvania SHP TS Growlux 250W
  • 1 great climate 2-speed 100mm
  • 1 carbon active filter granulate, 200m³ / h,
  • 1 great climate reducer 100 / 125mm
  • 2 hose clamp
  • 2 m Sonoconect hose 102cm
  • 1 Garden HighPro Prohanger
  • 1 Garden HighPro Thermo / Hygrometer premium
  • 1 GardenHighPro clip fan, 15W
  • 1 Omnirex timer
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€ 629.90

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Homebox Ambient Q80 Growing Tent 250W - Premium Low Growing Tent For Intensive Growing

Use this growing tent to never run out of fresh plants!
With the introduction of a premium quality tent in Homebox in 2016, the Homebox Ambient Q80 has made indoor crop production accessible to everyone.
The Homebox Ambient Q80 is a growing tent that is space-saving for intensive cultivation. This versatile tent can be used to grow fresh clones or seeds, to keep a parent plant in perfect condition, or to flower up to 10 plants. Homebox Ambient Q80 can be used with all major growing methods. In addition to the Micromesh insect screen and Omniflow adjustable air vents, it also has a handy small opening for cables and irrigation pipes and a 160mm (6.3 '') air inlet on top. As with all Homebox tents, it can be set up in minutes without any tools or expertise. The reflective interior of PAR + transforms this compact chamber into an efficient growing system, coupled with perfect light distribution and heat dissipation.
Assembled dimensions: 80x80x180cm
Living area: 0.64m2

High-tech German design and design.
It is based on safe and successful crop production.
Durable, plant-friendly materials guarantee a long service life.
The tent is attached to a solid, stable base, with a zipper system everywhere.
Inlet and outlet pipes:
100mm (4 ''): 1 pc on the net side.
125mm (5 ''): 1 pc on the left.
160mm (6,3 ''): 1pcs on roof.
Removable, waterproof floor.
2x125mm (5 '') Omniflow air vent on the left and right.
700 micron MicroMech insect screen.
Durable, strong canvas cover.
PAR + reflected in the interior stimulates growth and increases yield.
Metal construction (16 mm), reinforced plastic corners / connectors.
When closed, it virtually completely insulates the light.
Soot-dark zipper system: no velcro closure required.
Maximum capacity: 50 kg.


The GIB Lighting Flower Specter HPS standard series is for all plant-friendly people who want to continue successful crop production, but still have a low starting budget. The optimal solution for hobbyists, indoor gardeners and overwintering tropical plants as it is available in very low power.
Socket: E40
Power: 250W
Color temperature: 2000K
Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Burning situation: Anyway
Ballast required: yes
Light source flux: 33.000lm
Lamp Light Use: 110Lm / W
Lamp current: 3A
Material: transparent
Lifetime: 20000h
Overall length: 260mm
Diameter: 48mm

Shipping weight:


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