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Cultilene cultivation blocks - 7,5x7,5cm - big hole

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Cultilene cultivation blocks – 7,5x7,5cm – big hole



Each Cultilene cultivation block made from rock wool measures 7,5x7,5cm and has a big hole, in which Cultilne cultivation plugs fit in perfectly. The cultivation block is the next stage fort he plant after having rooted or germinated. Clones or seedlings can just be replanted into the Cultilene cultivation block with the samller Cultilene cultivation plug. 

Special features:

Rock wool is sterile and does not contain any nutirents. This avoids contamination with fungus or pests and the amount of nutrition can be optimized according to the plant’s needs. After successful rooting clones or seedlings can be repottet with the plug into any medium of choice. When using rock wool it is crucial to control pH- and EC-levels permanently. They can be adjustet precisely as well. Also the ratio of water and air in these plugs is ideal. These parameters have an influence on the outcome as a consequence. 


1pc Cultilene cultivation block 7,5x7,5cm, big hole

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