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CO2 Bag

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CO2 Bag

The same atmosphere that you breathe nourishes your plants as well, containing both oxygen and carbon dioxide for your herbs, buds, and leafy greens.

Photosynthesis, the Cycle of Nature  
We often think of photosynthesis as the process where plants turn light into new growth, but an often overlooked key ingredient is carbon dioxide.  Out-of-doors, sunlight, CO2, and water are converted into carbohydrates and oxygen by every green bud and leafy plant you see.  

Indoor facilities provide growers an opportunity to control their environment.  Increased CO2 can provide maximum benefits for your plants.  

The CO2 Bags bring natural, safe carbon dioxide to your indoor grow space.  

As part of the natural cycle, mycelium provide an excellent source of organic CO2 generation. With  CO2 Bags, we've made it easy for you to capture the power of natural carbon dioxide to supercharge growth in your indoor herb garden, grow tent, or green house.

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